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Ok so my profile lets see... my name is Jupiter no lie, SERIOUSLY and its gets better my whole family has strange names, blue, scarlet haha. I’m a weird girl with an even stranger imagination and spare time, Fan-fiction is one of many outlets for me :)

I love comics yummm... of all kinds, but first off I'm a huge X-men fan!! I have been ever since I could read and maybe a bit before that, so I write a lot of X-men stories hope you enjoy!

Best wishes to you all!!

June: sorry for the gap in updates there. Life got a little scary there for awhile but i bounced back! healthier now and twice as happy! i will update weekly from on, focusing firstly on summer of seven mainly cause i have it done i just need to add somethings and re-edit. Feel free to message me with questions regarding my stories or other wise, or you could leave a review! :D- best wishes to you all!

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