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As suggested by my UserID and DP I am a HUUUGE X-Men fan; Gambit, Wolverine and Deadpool are my favorites. I took a short hiatus from fanfics (writers block entering the adult world = 0 imagination) but not I have returned (hopefully)

I love gore and adventure, not too much of a romance type person probably why I love GoT soooo much though I don't think I'd write a GoT fic on the current situation maybe one about how everyone meets in the afterlife as they die, I already have a pic of Ned Stark walking around holding his own head in my mind...

I went through the whole Twilight twitard phase... I did (admit it most of us did) but I awoke from it just as quick as I fell into it though I have to admit Stephanie Meyer gave us some great characters to work with in fanfiction, so did Tite Kubo even though Bleach went to hell we still love Byakuya and Kenpachi Zaraki same goes for Hiro Mashima unfortunately his tale nose dived as well after the time skip (not everyone can be Eiichiro Oda or Akira Toriyama).

I loved Hellsing, FMA and Vampire Knight and High School of the dead, you don't get great anime like that (Dragon ball and One Piece) included.

I absolutely detest Mary Sue characters and wall flowers who suddenly become the center of attention for no particularly good reason (cue Bella and Elena; Elena ruined VD for me I was much happier with Katherine)

I have had several fanfics up, I pulled the incomplete ones down so that I could rework them and do them one at a time, I hope you will enjoy them!!!



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