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Me couldn't find a fox with fairy wings any way lets get this profile started

Me's age: 15

Me's favorite bookMe enjoys pretty much any kid of literature. Usually i read romance and stuff, but not that mushy kind with lots of drama that kind of stuff i actually don't like. The kind of romance im talking about is the kind that's usually tied with action, or mistory, or even magic and fairies and stuff. i also like that kind of forbidden love stuff. to me there's nothing better for a rainy day than a good book like those. Rainy nights, however are a different story. on rainy nights movies are best.

Me's favorate movies:Me has a pretty wide variety of favorite movies. it ranges from child hood favorites to teenage favorites. me guesses you could say me still needs some grown up. oh well me still has more time to. Anyway back to the subject, Me's first favorite is "troll in central park." If you've ever sen it you'll know just why me tells you Me's childish next on my list is "Beauty and the Beast." Yes me knows all the movies stated here so far are Disney movies but hold on Me's not done yet. Next is "Howls moving castle." Okay now that was rily good movie. The next one is..., okay don't go all "Every one likes that movie." on me okay? the next movie is "The Princess bride." There me said it.

Me's favorite anime:I'm telling you my favorite anime because i don't rily like cartoons. so my top 2 favorite anime is "Ranma 1/2" and "Rurouni Kenshin"

of course in these shows there are couples my favorite couples are AkaneXRanma, and KenshinXKaoru

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