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I became a Twilight Junkie back after the Twilight movie was released. I had gotten hooked on Trueblood. When a friend of mine suggested the Twilight audio books, and to say no more here I am. (Team EDWARD all the way!)

I have become addictied to this world we call Fanfiction!!! I cant help it these stories and these Authors are so Wonderful.

I am glad that Mrs. Meyer’s finally finished the Midnight Sun story. It was Great!

Ok so even though I am a big Twilight fan and will always be TEAM EDWARD!!

I have become a huge Fifty Shades of Grey fan also and I am also TEAM CHRISTIAN!! Hehehehe! I had read Master of the Universe and never got to finish reading it, it mysteriously disappeared from the net.

Then my friend told me one day about this cool book she was reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The first thing I thought was why does Fifty Shades sound so familiar??? Then she told me Later’s Baby and I knew I had read a fan fiction that had that in it.

I did a little research and what a small world, the story was pulled from Twilight fanfiction so it could be published.

I love this story line and for a long time as I read it I had Rob in my head as Christian but as I got to book two that changed and I saw a picture of Matt Bomer in a 3 piece suite on the phone walking across a busy street in a big city. WHAM he is my Christian!!

2/21/2015- Ok so I have been to See Fifty Shades twice now and I have to say I was really impressed with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s Performances!! I LOVED it!!! At first I thought that there was no way Jamie could pull off our 50 but he did an amazing job!!!

I can’t wait until Fifty Shades Darker comes out it was my favorite book!!

3/19/2017- Ok so I went and seen Fifty Shades Darker and it was very good. They did a good job with this movie and staying close to the book. A few characters were missing but I am hoping they will show up in the unedited version of the DVD or in Fifty Shades Freed. Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson were even better together in this one. (Christian even got a few smiles in) lol!

Fifty Shades Freed was Great!

Normal people vs. Twilight fans.

Normal people- Say "OMG, Oh my gosh!

twilight fans- Say- OME! OH MY EDWARD!

Normal people- Are scared of thunderstorms

Twilight fans- Know the Cullen's are playing base ball

Normal people- Say "Shut up or I'll tell on you."

Twilight fans- say "Shut up or I'll provoke the Volturi to come after you!"

Normal people- Think vampires are like Dracula

Twilight fans- Know better then to even think of Dracula when it comes to vampires.

Normal people- Go to a psychiatrist for help.

Twilight fans- Know Jasper will make you feel better without saying a word

Normal people- Rely on the weatherman for weather predictions

Twilight fans- Rely on Alice!

Normal people- Choose to go somewhere sunny for vacation

Twilight fans- Would rather go to Forks, Washington!

Normal people- Think this is stupid and skip it

twilight fans- have this on their page

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