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Thanks for visiting this page!

I hope you have fun reading the stories. R&R, please. :) thanks. By the way, I don't reply to all reviews but I DO read all of them! :)

PROFILE PICTURE: This pretty girl in my Profile pic is Indiana Evans :) I think she fits Rebecca's (You Can Let Go Now) character well, in terms of physical appearance.


The Dark Side of The Moon - HP Twilight crossover. :) much more focused on HP though. Remus/OC (romance), set in the Marauder era. Sad, somewhat bittersweet ending. COMPLETE.

The Vampires Take Everything - Twilight one shot :) Jacob/OC (friendship), set in present times, Jacob's POV. Sad, angsty ending. COMPLETE.

The Dawn Of A New Day - HP Twilight crossover, more focused on HP :) alternate story to 'The Dark Side of The Moon'. Remus/OC (romance) IN PROGRESS. Happy ending.

The Warmth of A Cold Heart - HP story :) Sirius/OC (romance) Set in the Marauder era. IN PROGRESS. Sad, somewhat bittersweet ending.

Insane, Immense, Inhumane - Twilight one shot. Requested by TTCyclone :) Aro/Jane (drama/angst). COMPLETE. Bittersweet ending.

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