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I don't come round these parts anymore. Please feel free to follow my work on my blog and !

I'm just a harmless geek who has the dangerous tendency to write and draw when she's bored. I enjoy producing work that uplifts, cheers, and inspires people, while at the same time being (hopefully) funny and weird and sometimes epic. Everything here is family-friendly! :)

I'm cosmicfire918 on Neopets, and sometimes I write for the Neopian Times! I'm in the (slow) process of polishing up my favorite stories that I've written for the NT and collecting them here.

You can also check out my writing/art blog at !

All thumbnails for my stories are illustrations by myself. Stories in the same series use the same thumbnails.

I also write original fiction! You can find my novels on under the name T. K. Arispe, and my short stories on FictionPress.

- To those who like to follow stories and receive story alerts: I'm glad you've enjoyed my fics, but please be aware that if a story is marked as completed, it is completed, meaning I will not add anything to its FFN story file. If I ever write anything else about the characters or the scenario, I will do so as a separate story. If you do follow a completed story, please be aware that it will not update. Thank you.

- To all guests who leave reviews: Thank you so much for your feedback! You are awesome! I wish I could thank you individually but FFN doesn't allow me to do that for guest reviewers. So I'll just have to leave my thanks here!

- To those who take issue with my capitalizing Pokemon species names, please read my reasoning on my blog (search "on capitalization") about why I disagree that Pokemon species names should not be capitalized (or at least why one should not vilify others for doing so).

- If you want me to give you feedback on your writing/ideas: I'm flattered, but I am also very busy, so I am not currently accepting solicitations for fic reading or idea feedback. There are lots of venues online where writers can receive more comprehensive feedback and critique than I can give.

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