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Le Deluge:

“Après moi, le déluge” "After me, the deluge"

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X-Men: Origins


I've lost my muse for almost a year now, so I'm starting with recent interests. This will grow, I promise.

I've been on Fanfiction.net since I was fifteen. I have a few pen names with a number of stories under my belt...

And it's always funny to go back to them after a year or so and see how ridiculous my stories were, how bad my

grammar was -- still is. I lost my muse to write anything after role-playing for three years straight, among other

things. But I always return to to read frequently. The writers just get better, I swear. I want to write

about Deadpool -- I'm a ridiculously obsessed Ryan Reynolds fan and I like Deadpool -- first since he's my latest

and only fandom right now. Hopefully, I'll get the fuel and inspiration to broaden my horizon. Until then, please


-- Le Deluge

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