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Hello all. I am a mid-30's designer/drafter with a wife, kids and cats living just outside of Savannah, Georgia.

My wife once assured me that I must be able to write fanfictions by now considering how often I read them. Comments and criticism will be welcome. If the wife and kids can't make me cry, then there's nothing you lot can do that would be worse.


For The Girl Who Loved and it's sequel Violence Inherent in the System, THEY ARE FINISHED. GWL takes Harry to the end of the summer and VIS takes over at the beginning of year six. Do not read these stories if you don't want to see Harry Potter, Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon cross plot lines heavily.

The Girl Who Loved revisions (2012):

This was my first story and as such is my least refined work. I'm updating the story now... not to really rework the plot as much as to clean up spelling, grammar and clean up a few rough spots in the general flow and descriptions and what have you. This does not make rereading the whole story necessary but it will make the next read through smoother. I shall revise up to at least chapter ten but may go over the whole thing just to be sure.

July 5 -September 14 - The full story has been given a once over. Should be an easier and smoother read now. Yay! Now it's time to debate whether or not Violence Inherent in the System needs work or not.


The Little Veela that Could

Harry dies. He get's better though... sort of... This story goes from the Triwizard thru the following year and a final confrontation with the Dark Lord.


The Little Veela that Could - A Brief Summary of the Story to Chapter Twenty-five (for those of you who have already read the story but want to quickly refresh your memory on the first 75% of the main plot points)(It is basically as long as 3 paperback novels after all): Harry dies during the Second Task while saving Fleur Delacour's eight year old sister Gabrielle. Voldemort regains a body in the Third Task while Harry returns as a ghost that same night. Hermione flees to France with the Delacour family. Things go downhill. Gabrielle turns into an angel. Things go more downhill. Gabrielle is kidnapped but escapes with ghost-Harry's help. Malfoy takes over the Ministry. Things go even more downhill. Luna is imprisoned along with a lot of 'undesirables'. Luna is rescued and joins the ex-pats in France. Fleur and Segolene find the ancient Veela temple in Eastern Europe where Gabby and Harry can learn about Angels in the Hall of Angels. Padfoot is kidnapped. Padfoot is executed but Harry and Angel Gabby save his pregnant Veela lover, Nathalie. Gabby also roasts the majority of English dark purebloods when she burns Hogsmeade to ash. Gabby then confronts Dumbledore and gets her wand back from him. The ICW occupies England and begins taking control back from pockets of pureblood Death Eater resistance. Voldemort kills Dumbledore and steals Harry's corpse. Headmaster Snape paradoxes himself to death and Gabby smites hundreds of dementors. Voldemort loses his body in a quick exchange with Gabby but he scares both her and Harry before fleeing the scene. Ginny demands answers and Harry, Hermione and the Delacours wrestle with what the world is willing to believe about blood magic, angels and the Girl Who Lived. Oh, and Monsieur Delacour and Harry now know about horcruxes though the residents of the Hall of Angels say that horcruxes are really just spiritual anchors and not actual soul pieces. And Harry might sort of know how to get not-dead again. And Voldemort and Bella have been doing dark stuff to Harry's corpse.


One Ring - HP/LOTR Cross Multi-chapter story...

November 8 - Chapter One Posted

I'm now working on my new big project. It's a Dark/Tragic story of HP/LordOfTheRings plotlines with no ships, only pain, misery and blood. No, Harry won't be traveling to Isengard or to Minas Tirith. Why? Because I don't want Harry to meet Legolas or simply walk through the gates of Mordor. I don't want him to become an Istari or join the ranks of the Maiar. I want to have things happen with HP book seven as a springboard. What will I add of LOTR, you ask? One ring. Buwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Imagine if you will, that Sméagol never found the ring. Imagine the elves leaving Middle Earth and the Age of Man coming without the last war to strike Sauron's Eye down. The olde forces both of light and of dark seem to fade away allowing mankind to make the world over in his image... until it exists as we see it in the Harry Potter books.

But Sauron's ring was never destroyed. It remained on the bed of a river for long ages as the world changed around it until one day when a boy with a scar on his head and the weight of the world on his shoulders was out and about on the camping trip from hell. An estranged friend has only just returned to his side at a time when the whole world seemed against him. His friend saw something shiny. A ring. Ron picked up the ring. Harry wanted the ring.

It became... precious... to him.


Possible Other Project - Oneshot?

Tom Riddle made his first horcrux while still in school. Who's to say he did it correctly? This story would be set in the summer before Harry's second year.

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