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5k+ Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me » by ericastwilight Edward Cullen is an alcoholic who hits rock bottom. One day, his sister Alice is handed a card – Only Call If Desperate & ALL Else Has Failed. She makes the call that will change her brother's life. His savior? Bella Swan. Complete
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 50, words: 284k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 4k+, updated: 7/6/2017 published: 2/2/2009, Bella, Edward
4k+ Eternally Damned » by twiXlite Edward is THE ultimate vampire. The original. What happens when a visit to the Volturi causes him to pay the Cullens' a visit? Will he find them a threat to the world he's spent an eternity shaping or will he leave them be and let them live in peace?
Twilight, M, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 36, words: 173k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 4/30/2013 published: 4/27/2009, Edward, Bella
1k+ Following Faith » by Jen328 Leaving the rain behind, Bella starts over in a small, coastal town. One glimpse of her and Edward is lost. Is it love at first sight or something more? A story of risking your heart - risking it all - to discover what you had all along. AH, rated M.
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 28, words: 203k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 1/25/2013 published: 8/1/2011, Bella, Edward
6k+ Training the Swan » by ericastwilight Edward is the retired right hand man for a mob boss, Charlie Swan. When asked to train a woman to help to protect herself and her daughter, he had no idea the trouble he'd find himself in. She's the boss's daughter. Can he keep his hands off?
Twilight, M, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 50, words: 205k+, favs: 5k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 1/10/2013 published: 5/3/2009, Edward, Bella
10k+ Animate Me » by abstract way Professional animator Edward worships cartoon exec Bella from afar by day and draws her in his comic book late at night. When this Daffy Duck-loving geek comes face to face with his dream girl, will his fantasy world come to life? ...Note:The primary story of Animate Me was pulled and published. Thanks for 2 great years on fan fic.
Twilight, M, English, Romance, chapters: 2, words: 10k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 7/13/2012 published: 5/14/2011, Bella, Edward
1k+ For Always » by Adidasgrl328 Bella is a well accomplished romance novelist living with Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper in Forks, WA. When Emmett's little brother Edward comes to stay the summer, could Bella's seemingly perfect life not seem so perfect anymore? AH AU OOC LEMONS
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 31, words: 194k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 681, updated: 4/1/2012 published: 7/8/2008, Edward, Bella
1k+ Crashing Head On » by HopelessRomantic79 Tempers flare and personalities clash as Bella cares for an injured Emmett, but does that hate translate into love? AU/AH.
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 34, words: 103k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 445, updated: 12/16/2011 published: 8/21/2009, Bella, Emmett
9k+ Subject: Edward Cullen, aka The Womanizer » by ericastwilight Edward's family hire Bella Swan to break the heartbreaker's heart in hopes to have him see the error of his womanizing ways. But she falls hard, too, at the risk of breaking her own heart when the truth is revealed. EXB-AH-OOC
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 43, words: 328k+, favs: 9k+, follows: 5k+, updated: 9/2/2011 published: 10/18/2008, Bella, Edward
1k+ Continuing On » by jrgl2012 Jasper's friend needs a place to stay, and Bella, an up comming author has an extra room. What happens when the two people meet and recognize each other, while one hates the other, but the other wants to say sorry? EXB AH
Twilight, M, English, Romance, chapters: 32, words: 223k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 7/30/2011 published: 8/9/2008
6k+ Work in Progress » by araeo AU/AH: Bella, Edward and the usual suspects are adults living in Seattle. They hit it off after a klutzy accident and E awakens B's ovaries, who never hesitate to voice their pervy opinion in B's head. Rated M for language and lemons.
Twilight, M, English, Humor & Romance, chapters: 43, words: 281k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 7/1/2011 published: 2/18/2009, Bella, Edward
1k+ The Ritual » by araeo AU/AH, OOC: Bella is an alcoholic struggling to deal with her traumatic past. When she meets Edward in the bar she frequents, will his help be enough to save her? Edward has just returned to Seattle and has secrets of his own when it comes to Bella...
Twilight, M, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 26, words: 177k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 876, updated: 3/24/2011 published: 3/21/2009, Bella, Edward
4k+ The Longest Summer » by lexiecullen17 Bella wants Edward...the only problem is, he's a counselor at her summer camp. And although Bella has always been one of Edward's favorite campers, that's all she'll ever be to him...right? When Bella returns as a counselor, can she change his mind? AH.
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 32, words: 255k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 1/4/2011 published: 10/15/2009, Bella, Edward
10k+ Holding Out For You » by ObsessingOverEdward After her divorce, Bella starts a new life with her son. She soon meets a handsome doctor, who is dealing with his own loss and is struggling to raise his two kids. It's a story of finding strength during adversity and learning to love again
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Family, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, favs: 7k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 11/16/2010 published: 11/20/2008, Bella, Edward
568When Edward Met Bella » by jliane So, can men and women really be friends? Edward Masen thinks so, and he's determined to prove it to the new woman in his life, the first grade teacher of his niece, little Lilly Whitlock. But does Edward's mind change when he gets to know Isabella Swan?
Twilight, T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 17, words: 75k+, favs: 397, follows: 474, updated: 10/10/2010 published: 12/28/2008, Bella, Edward
2k+ Friend Boy » by Teeny Tiny Twilight As if starting a new school away from her friends and family isn't enough, she has nuisance/captain of the football team Edward interested in her. "Hello, I'm Edward Cullen." She took my hand, shaking it, "I'm not interested."AH/AU Bella has better balanc
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 27, words: 167k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 9/21/2010 published: 9/16/2008, Bella, Edward
2k+ Off Limits » by lexiecullen17 Womanizing Edward has been told to stay away from his band's new lead singer, Bella. But with their instant attraction and obvious chemistry, how can he adhere to that? OOC. AU-H. Rated M for naughty humor, intensely bad behavior, language, and sexing.
Twilight, M, English, Humor & Romance, chapters: 36, words: 182k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 4/9/2010 published: 6/11/2009, Bella, Edward
85 Staring Over » by jlb7512 Bella and Jacob married. But what happenes when Jacob ends their 10 year marriage and Dr. Edward Cullens comes into her life. Some strong language. A little bit on lemon. Now complete !
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 19, words: 47k+, favs: 215, follows: 103, updated: 3/11/2010 published: 6/24/2009, Bella, Edward
4k+Just One of the Guys » by SorceressCirce Scarred by events in her past, Bella relies heavily on her best friend and roommate, Jasper. When Jasper falls in love with a girl named Alice, Bella is excited for him but can't help but wonder – where will she fit in? Canon pairings, AH/AU, OOC
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 28, words: 261k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 3/7/2010 published: 2/13/2009
5k+ Private Tutor » by creampuffsteph Bella takes a chance and goes to school far from where she's used to. But what happens when her extremely good looking TA seems to despise her for no reason? My first fanfic, be gentle please. all human, bxe, axj, rxem
Twilight, M, English, Romance, chapters: 41, words: 234k+, favs: 5k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 2/17/2010 published: 7/16/2008
1k+ Prey by summer35 TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Bella miraculously survives a vampire attack as a child. She returns to Forks 9 yrs later and against her will, she is drawn to Edward, and into a dangerous world where strict rules governed the uneasy coexistence...
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Mystery, words: 1k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 1/10/2010 published: 2/11/2009, Edward, Bella
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