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Hi there!

I'm Sleeping-willow. Well i guess ill start with the basics.

I'm from England, and proud to be. I love to read and write fanfiction. I'm a big yaoi fan so a lot of my work will be yaoi based, sorry if that's not your thing. I will try and do other stuff, i don't just want to sit in my safe zone as i'm on this site for experience just as much as anything else.

I'm dyslexic (it took way too long to find how to spell that :) so you will have to forgive my spelling but i am working on it.
I am still working on my writing, so it could take some time till i have some work up.

I love writing yet i can never seem to stick to which person to write in (first, second etc) so you'll have to forgive me if any work i put up switches.
Im also terrible at updating, i tend to switch between stories rather a lot so i apologise for my lameness.

I will greatly appreciate any feedback good or bad please don't hold back. I would love to hear from you so feel free to message me even if its got nothing to do with any of my work as random messages are always the best.

Oh and i have finally succumbed to the pull of live journal and have and will put up the work i do on there as well. There is of course a few of my own little ramblings and stuff on there also so feel free to pop over here if you wanted to know just how crazy i am :)


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