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Hello my little peoples! Yes you... reading this... right now... =0.o= anywho! You can call me kitty or Freakz! I look forward to writing stories that you will love... hopefully anyway probably not cause I'm super lazy. I watch lots of anime so you may be surprised on how many stories I read! And please don't be a hatter! = l.l = I don't like hatters! WUVS YOU ALL!! = l.l = ... yeah, I'm just weird like that! But more than anything I read stories like crazy and review on them and I'm very mean (sometimes!) in reviewing so if you don't like flames don't let me read your stories, OKAY?!?!?!

(What is that? Up there, yes that horrible writing EWWW. Wait it was me? AWRGQEIJRGPOQUHRGIHQEPRUGQRLGQPORQUJ ... I swear I just sung Disappearance)

OH MY GOSHIES! = T.T = The grammar, I know I'm still bad now but have mercy! That is why you don't open up an account when you're 13 and actually write something, unless you're smart. Which I'm not... Okay so I'm going to try this again. Hello everybody! Yes you reading this probably confusingly, you can call me kitty. I look forward to READING stories because I'm super lazy and have no desire to write one. Sorry! I've watched and still continue to watch many different animes. From Inuyasha to Shugo Chara, action to romance, tragedy to comedy. I love them all, so yes I will have tons of favorites. I'm sometimes mean in my reviewing, although most of the time I'm sweet because I was taught to behave as a child. (UNLIKE FUCKING BRATS TODAY RUNNING AROUND ACTING LIKE YOU'RE GANGSTER AND SHIT! FUCK YOU AND LEARN SOME FUCKING RESPECT!) I read and review on stories like crazy and if you don't like that then please get over yourself. = 0.o = Thank-you very much for your time!

It. Is. Important. To. Review. No. Matter. What... or unless it's completed and then you tell them a summary of what you thought of the whole story on the last chapter!! (or most recently updated)

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