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I'm an old enough to know better girl with a penchant for naughty (and not so naughty), well written Twilight fan fics. I read an absolute ton of them. I tried to write a little but I'm really not good at it so I'd rather read. I lack the imagination needed for this stuff.

I like to run a lot, bake a lot and cook a lot. I've got a fab dh who has benefited greatly from my foray into fanfic, two lovely boys who think Mom has "issues" due to her little obsession and a crazy dog who probably got that way because I rubbed off on him. Oh, and I also work full time and do lots of other respectable volunteer related stuff. But my secret obsession is Edward...or RPattz maybe. Hard to differentiate. And sad too because I am old enough to be his mother...not Edward, the other one.

I started Twilikes - a community that houses mostly completed fics that I have read and really liked. It's really just a way for me to be a bit more organized but in case anybody wants a list of things to read, it's a good place to start.

Twitter: @lisambb I mostly lurk but occasionally tweet. Maybe I just like to watch.

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