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Hai Bby disini...

Apdet yuk!

Pen name : CCloveRuki, dulunya sie Chubby Chu

Panggilan : Bby

Tanggal Lair : barengan ma SasuNaru Day, nyehehe

Musik fave : hampir semua genre suka, dari The Gazette, Laruku, Diru, TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki, SuJu, BoA, YUI, Ayaka, banyak deh!

Anime/Manga fave : Naruto so pasti, ma Bleach juga.

Chara fave :

1. SasuNaru, ya jelaslah!

2. SebastianCiel

3. LightL

4. Banyak sie sebenernya...

Aduh bingung niy mo ngomong apa?! Yg jelas Bby seneng banget, karena Bby dapat byk temen disini...

Buat hubungin Bby add nih:


FBnya Bby ntu... hehe

Ok Bby tunggu kalian di FB!!

Peace en Love


SasuNaru fans, copy-paste this to your profile :

Mini Conference – ExpoAnime (USA):

An official interview with Kishimoto

“A group of fans asked Kishimoto what he thought about the doujinshi and fanfics of this pairing. He simply responded that it was his favourite pairing and that he always collected stuff of it. In addition, he stated that he wanted to give the manga a Shounen-ai ending” (Confirming it twice)

After the Interview, Kishimoto revealed that Sasuke was based on his best friend from High School, whom he admired and loved very much, and that Naruto was a reflection of himself and the adventures he would have liked to experience when he was young. He also emphasized that in the series there is not a love triangle, but rather a circle, like a fish biting its own tail. Naruto likes Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke and Sasuke has special feelings for Naruto.
However, he ended the note saying that Shippuden was going to be mainly about the fights and character development.

Random comments from the interview above :

“Masashi Kishimoto-sensei, creator of Naruto, who openly declared that he liked Shounen-ai, his favourite pairing was SasuNaru and that he was going to give the manga an end of that nature. Though it’s going to be an open-ending, it will be perceptible that Sasuke and Naruto end up together”

(taken from izzyisozaki's deviantART Journal)

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