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I'm so lazy! I've graduated from high school, summer's more than halfway over and I still have not written anything to post on here. However, I do now work on Adobe's Photoshop program creating wallpapers based on things I like. Depending I may or may not take requests. You can request to view a sample of my work from my best friend and fellow writer Ramon-Salazar or you can read his writing. That's cool too.

Anyway~I think I'll try once again to get something up and running. Hopefully I'll successfully complete at least a chapter. Maybe I'll start out with a drabble. I'm gonna go try that now. Hopefully I won't get sidetracked trying to draw my new Black Mage character.

Here are the topics I'm interested in right now (I'm warning you, I love a lot of Yaoi):

Resident Evil (I have a lot of couples I like for this...too many to list.)

Star Ocean: Til the End of Time (Fayt/Cliff & please note that I dislike Fayt/Albel)

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (Leon/Mathias though I could probably read a Walter/Joachim or Walter/Leon too...or maybe even a Mathias/Walter...I'm sick, I know.)

Final Fantasy VI (Kefka/Sabin)

Labyrinth (Yes the one with David Bowie. Anyway, I like a little Jareth/Toby in this one. Sorry to all those Sarah/Jareth fans out there.)

And Last but not least, my favorite couple in the whole wide world: Final Fantasy VII (Yuffie/Vincent - Please note that I do NOT like Vincent with ANYONE but Yuffie Kisaragi.)

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