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I'm in my 20's and returning to explore one of my first writing loves, after taking several years' break from it. It's interesting to expand on another person's creation, to find new themes and adventures for the characters. I also write original fiction and poetry, though I have a hard time actually finishing projects on the former.

I graduated from college as an English major and have always loved words and writing.

My other interests include travel, music, food (cooking, Food Network, etc.), video games and nature.

Fandoms: Tales of series, Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, Ace Attorney, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Star Trek XI, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Doctor Who, Supernatural, White Collar, How I Met Your Mother and various book series (Wheel of Time, Robin McKinley's works, Queen's Thief, Dresden Files).

(It is unlikely that I will write fic for many of these, but this is an idea of what to expect from me.)

Current Obsession: Tales of Vesperia

Favorite Characters: Yuri, Flynn, Judith, Estelle


LiveJournal: http://

This is my writing journal, where you can mainly find oneshots I didn't upload to this site. It was made after getting frustrated with the formatting issues and the way ff.n sometimes makes everything centered or underlined or randomly removes scene breaks. I'm still updating my multichapters here, but my oneshots mainly end up on LJ. Please feel free to comment, even if you don't have an account there! Though if you can say who you are from ff.n, that'd be great. :D I love getting comments even on older stories, and I promise I will do my best to reply.

(Also, there's a story here that says it's in the same universe as Back Where We Started; I wrote it before it was a multichapter, and the way that Flynn's character has developed, I'm not sure it really fits 100% anymore. But I still like it, so I'm not taking it down. Maybe consider it an AU of an AU? XD)

On My Stories:

Glass Fortress: This story came out of a happy coincidence. I was trying to figure out what would be the next logical step after ToV ended, and thought that a group of anti-Imperial terrorists would be interesting. During my 2nd playthrough/research, as I went through the guild work sidequest for the first time, I discovered something that shocked and delighted me: it was canon. They even had a name for them (extremists), which was good because it saved me the trouble of having to come up with a less real-world sounding name for them. :)

Note: For pairings, I have gone with what feels right and makes sense to me. This means no YurixEstelle, because for me they have always seemed to have more of a sibling-like affection for each other rather than a romantic one. As for YurixFlynn—suffice it to say that it was their relationship that drew me to write for this fandom in the first place. I see in them a deep and enviable bond that goes beyond your average friendship, portrayed in a more genuine and complex way than I’ve seen in many fictional works. This isn’t about hot guys or “yaoi” or anything like that. It’s about people, and what they mean to each other. If you can’t agree with it, that’s okay.

Justice Born: Rather loosely inspired by the Elton John song "My Father's Gun." Which is about the Civil War and, in general, has very little to do with the world and characters of Tales of's more about the song's feeling. The line "As soon as this is over, we'll go home/to plant the seeds of justice in our bones" made me think of Flynn and Yuri, for some reason. How their senses of justice become so important to who they are as they grow up. And the whole father thing, of course, comes into play in the story. Anyway, I highly recommend giving it a listen, if you never have. Or at least check out the lyrics. Hopefully Sir Elton John wouldn't seems an appropriate inspiration as he is, after all, technically a knight himself. ;) (This story is, however, not remotely a songfic. The song itself is not referenced anywhere, other than here in my profile.)

8/02/10: I've watched The First Strike now and...honestly, I'm not all that worried about making this story compliant with it. :X There was so much OOC and contradictions that I'd almost rather pretend it didn't exist altogether, though there were certainly amusing parts (and adorable puppy!Repede). However, it didn't feel like it fit with the game or Yuri and Flynn's personalities/canon relationship. I know that many others feel the same way. So I am not going to try and make Justice Born follow any of the movie's details. Not sure when it will be completed, but I am not waiting on that anymore.


I can't draw at all. XD It is something that has never come easily or naturally for me. But if someone is inspired enough by any of my stories to draw something, this writer is completely over the moon with happiness. It's kind of like when you read a book and wonder what it would look like as a movie. It adds a completely different layer to the experience, and it's fun to see how other people might interpret things.

Glass Fortress 1 (Chapter 20) by ana paula92. This is a very emotional piece of art that captures the chapter/scene's feeling very well.

Glass Fortress 2 (Chapter 21) by ana paula92. It's in a comic format; here, also, is a great attention to detail and emotion. I love how Yuri is drawn in the final panel.

Back Where We Started 1 (Chapter 5) by ana paula92. This piece of art makes me giggle like mad. XD Ohh, the look on their faces. Priceless. And even better than how I imagined it in my head. (The DA page for this one is blocked for content and I think you need an account to look at it. There's nothing too racy/objectionable in my opinion, though. There isn't in the chapter itself, after all!)

Back Where We Started 2 (Chapter 7) by 1300. Like ana paula92's art, it actually manages to improve upon my own head-canon of how that scene should look. I love their outfits! They fit both of their personalities and look so comfortable. And speaking of comfortable, doesn't Yuri look relaxed? I also really like the fond look on Flynn's face. :)

Glass Fortress 3 (Chapter 21) by 1300. Same scene as the other Chapter 21 art above, but a different take on it. I think Yuri's expression shows his false bravado of that moment, and Flynn's is so serious and tender! Nice shadows in the room, too.

Back Where We Started 3 (Chapter 6) by alleni. I have to admit I've been hoping that someone would draw this scene! It's one of my favorites, and seems to be a part of the story that a lot of other people enjoyed, too. Mmm, pancakes. Gorgeous lineart, alleni! The kitchen is just about perfectly how I imagine it, and any details that I didn't think of myself only improve upon it.

UPDATE 5/12/14: There is actually a new chapter of Glass Fortress. Amazingly. Ha. :P

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