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Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste. Well, except for the wealth part. And you might disagree on my taste, but then what are you doing here?

I live in Denmark and am proud to be a immature nerd. That is to say, I love video games, cartoons, anime, manga, Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons. As well as more traditional stuff. Suffice to say, my interests span the entire spectrum of stuff our imaginative species has come up with.

After lurking at this site for years, I finally made the effort and started writing. And it's great. Hard, but so much fun!

For specific things I really like reading, see my favorites. Aside from those, I love a couple of other fandoms, but seeing as they don't get enough love I haven't found any good stuff about them. (Or been to lazy to find it.)

Before we begin:

1. I'm a heterosexual male (I think). I don't generally read slash. Nothing against it, it just doesn't interest me. Either that or I'm in denial.

2. I have seen other pairings, I know they can actually make sense, but I usually prefer these ones:

Teen titans: Love this show, hate that they cancelled it, hate it even more that I can't find the comic. BB/Rae, Rob/Star, Cy/Jinx or Cy/Bumblebee. (Yes, Rob and Rae are very alike. No, I like the opposites attract thing more here.)

Legend of Zelda: Only played TP, OOC and WW. No fucking clue what I ship! I actually ship Link with half the females he has the least bit contact with. I love all the characters and think they could all make a nice couple with Link. I don't ship him with any guys though. Nor do I ship him with his sister.

Warcraft: I actually ship Thrall/Jaina, in no small part thanks to Diplomacy and Crown of Holly.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: I'm sufficiently weird to ship Rei/Shinji (even knowing of the weird relation). Then again, I also ship Shinji/Asuka, which is actually just as weird, seeing how abusive that relationship actually is. I blame my support of either of those on reading too much manga and anime. Apparently, accept of tsunderes and the kissing cousins-thing is a slippery slope.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, Sokka/any girl who's crushed on him. Sokka's awesome. The new series looks interesting, but I haven't seen much yet.


I remember it through the nostalgia filter. Haven't watched it after Misty left, so I never got to know the new characters. As such I am a firm Misty/Ash shipper. Oh, and I adore Mewtwo as a character. I especially love what Kayasuri-n, here on this site, does with the character.

Artemis Fowl: Love that series, brilliant and inventive use of Fairies. Can't really decide between Arty/Holly (which I admit faces quite a few issues) or Minerva/Arty.

The latter pairing looks more realistic, but the dynamic in the first one is just so incredibly funny.

Gurren Lagann! is distilled awesome by the way.

Other likes:

I love the Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Gotrek and Felix. Bleach, Shakugan no Shana, Toradora, Soul Eater, Spice and Wolf and a lot of others, but those are the ones I can list of the top of my head.

One like that needs to be stated here: The Mass Effect fic Razor's edge and the sequels. They are absolutely amazing, especially the last one. Without a doubt the first fanfic I'd recommend to anyone with a passing interest in that universe and one of the first things I'd point to prove the worth of fanfic.

Won't bore you (more) with the details.

I cannot stress enough that I'd love to get constructive criticism. Writing is hard and small mistakes (and big ones) are inevitable. I encourage you to point out spelling errors, grammar mistakes, plot holes, sub-par descriptions, clumsy dialogue and anything else. Suggestions on how to solve any issues or on where to take a halted story is also greatly appreciated. And above all, don't hesitate to inform me if characters begin taking on Sue traits.

Stories I would like to see

"After the events of The Lion King 2, Simba realises that Mufasa didn't always practice what he preached. But reaching out to the scorned part of the circle of life is far from easy and old hatred and distrust on both sides makes it nearly impossible to reach out to the hyenas."

Because, 1) the hyenas are cool and hilarious and 2) unpleasant and cruel as they can be, they do seem to be completely starved. I don't buy into the "evil species" they seem to be set up as and having one species completely cut off when we have the song "Circle of Life" seems positively hypocritical.

Writing Plans:

I intend to write a series about my WoW characters Maurus and Anistrianna (now renamed Arianna). Starting in Ashenvale in the early Burning Crusade it will go through a vagueish AU through Outland.

Other than that, I will try to also write whatever strikes my fancy in order to train.

Another idea that's kicking around in my head is some sort of fusion fic, though I doubt I could make it work without a lot of thought. I wouldn't be happy if I just made some boring generic crossover. So I'd need to play both game series through, ME again and take a few liberties. But the introduction I would use goes something like this:

""No-one thought a half-crazed, former slave engineer would make N7. No-one thought he'd make such a good spectre, nor that he would be the best leader against the Reapers. But Isaac Clarke Shepard knows what to do about twisted terrors and ancient horrors that gets in your head. You chop them up, burn them up and drop a mining station on them, just to be sure. Fusion fic."

As this list of trivia is already rather long, I will not expand it with "if x then copy and paste into your profile", nor will i expand with fancy quotes. Mostly because I can't really remember any good ones right now. Except for this:

"We be light, we be life, we be fire! We sing electric flame, we rumble underground wind, we dance heaven! Come be we and be free! We be blue electric angels."

A delightfully disturbing "anonymous spam mail" from "A Madness of Angels", fantastic urban fantasy.

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