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A little bit about me; I’m 30, from Manchester, England. I’ve been on FF for years, and as you’ll be able to tell I’ve got loads of favourites on here, and only a couple of things I’ve written. I’ve got quite a few things I’ve not posted, but they are things that I’ve started, and then not really got anywhere with them. I always dip in and out of writing, and when a block hits, it can last for months sometimes years. I’ve been getting back into it recently, so who knows, I may end up posting something else eventually.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, though I don’t read many HP fics. Twilight fics however, a massive fan. Particularly Emmett or Jasper pairings. I loved the books when they came out, but somehow never really fell into either Team Edward or Team Jacob… not sure how or why!

I’m a big Densi fan too, so NCIS LA fics are another favourite.

Prison Break was where it all started for me. I still love them, and I love the show. Sara being paired with either Michael or Linc, I never really minded the change from cannon.

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