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I'm Raining Ink. From 2009 to late 2012, I wrote a Harry Potter fanfic called Out of the Night. I was fortunate to have the BEST reviewers and readers in the whole darn fandom, and I mean that. The story has been extremely popular, and I had tremendous plans for it, even to the point of beginning to outline subsequent "books" in a possible trilogy. I loved writing the fic. Until the morning of the day I decided to delete it for good, it was still percolating in the back of my mind. It was a good story, and getting even better in later chapters.

Ultimately, that's why I had to let it go.

You see, I want to write my own books. I know, I know, it's like saying I want to be a supermodel or something, but I have always wanted to be a writer. After finishing the third draft of a WIP novel (largely as a result of a long hiatus from all things fan fiction), I thought, how much farther along would I be if I hadn't spent all of those hours on OoTN?

The thing is, this is my Dream -- the big one that deserves capital letters, the one I've spent years studying for. OoTN isn't a dream, it's a hobby, and a frightfully addictive one. So that's why once I finally accepted that I couldn't have the Dream and the hobby, I had to thrust OoTN away from me with both hands. (The thrusting away with both hands is why it's being deleted and not simply abandoned.)

Some of you may say, "But look at the platform you've built! Ready-made fans!"

Yeah, I know. It bites to leave these wonderful supportive people (more than a few of whom have already volunteered to buy anything I write!) behind. But I don't want to try to coattail off of OoTN, or off of J.K. Rowling. I need to keep my real life and my fanfic life separate. I need to close this chapter for good.

So this is me, saying thank you and farewell and wish me luck if you've got it in you. I'm off to chase my Dream. I hope that, wherever you are in life, you're chasing yours.

Over and out,

Raining Ink

Here's a note for those of you who have downloaded copies of OoTN for the purpose of keeping or sharing or whatever:

If you are saving a copy of Out of the Night for your records, or to share with others in some form, PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:

Out of the Night was a Harry Potter fan fiction written by Raining Ink. This fic has been officially abandoned by its author. Obviously, Raining Ink claims no right to characters, settings, concepts, etc… recognizable as belonging to J.K. Rowling or anyone else even vaguely connected with the Harry Potter franchise. However, many other aspects of the story are original to this fic. Fellow fan fiction authors who wish to make use of these concepts/world building/story details/etc… are welcome to do so, provided that they DO NOT in any way profit financially from the use of said ideas. Fan fiction authors wishing to write a continuation of the story are welcome to do so, provided that they DO NOT in any way profit financially from said continuation. Basically, don't use anything that might belong to Raining Ink to make yourself money, mmmkay?

Additionally, Raining Ink requests that continuations of this fic remain accessible to a broad juvenile audience. In other words, please don't use Out of the Night's world or characters to write thinly veiled pornography.

Raining Ink still lurks around the internet and may occasionally Google her own nom de plume. It would be nice if you credited her for any borrowed concepts so that she might one day bump into your work.

If you have any questions, or you'd just like to vent, it will still be possible to contact Raining Ink through her account at this site for some time

Stats from Out of the Night as it stood on its final day:

(As you can see, I was overwhelmed with support. Thank you for every single review. I read them all and they kept me writing long after I should have quit.)

Reviews: 3,712


Followers: 4,602

Communities: 342

Views: 1,366,052

Looking for a copy of Out of the Night? Have a copy to share with someone who missed the memo? DO NOT FEAR! Check out the Out of the Night Forum. It's still rolling for now, but I will probably delete it in a few weeks or months. I'll also be updating people on the status of continuations and such for awhile, as well as possibly posting some outline notes for the curious: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/73192/78360256/1/

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter, Transformers, Star Trek 2009, and any other fandoms that were ever represented in my work do not belong to me. These works belong to their repsective authors, creators, producers, studios, etc... I obtain no money from the creation of fan fiction at this site or any other. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

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