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Disclaimer: The stories posted on this account are purely for the purpose of enjoyment. I retain no rights to the characters I use nor do I make any money from my stories. I also do not own any of the cover art for the stories. I just google lol

Hi everyone I'm XxAlianaxX. I mostly write fanfics to manga and anime, but I also love Dr. Who and Harry Potter and honestly anything that strikes my fancy. Embarrassingly enough I've done a Sofia the First fanfic. I have a 3 year old. Don't judge. lol

I'm 24, and haven't been on here since 2009! Yikes! Sorry about that. My writing skills have gotten a lot better. College will do that ;)

Some of you may have read my mom's stories. Her name is Alyondria or Stephanie8D. I think my Mom is one of the most amazing writers and often I go to her when I get writer's block or want a beta. It amazes me how much she got into fanfic since I first introduced her to it.


I am moving to AO3. I will continue uploading to the incomplete story here, but then all other updates will be on my new AO3 account.

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