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Name: Ashley (so unique, right?)

Gender: I am a female in case you were wondering, and if you were wondering, quit it, you pervert.

Stuff I like: Drawing, writing, photography, k-pop, books, fashion, Naruto, Harry Potter, Bleach, video games, Original Characters and other stuff. Yes, stuff.

Future Occupation: A job. Preferably one that pays.

Projects I am currently working on include:

- Of Boys and Broomsticks: j/k. not working on this anymore. Now it's just an awful reminder to my best friend and I about how much we sucked at writing before.

- When Dogs Fly: A KibaxOC. I seriously want to continue this, but the inconsistency of my updates irks me (and my readers, I'm sure), so I'm in the process of rewriting it. When it's DONE, like completely done, I'll take down what is already up and replace it. But for now, the monstrosity will stay as it is.

- Bleach Fanfic: A ShuuheixOC. I refuse to release any of it until I have the entire thing written as a way of hiding my imminent procrastination. I have high expectations for it though.

-(Maybe) Kingdom Hearts Fanfic: A few plot bunnies have been hopping around in my head for this, so I've written a few of them down. I don't know when I'll get around to molding it into a coherent story, but it's a RikuxOC, because that boy is the epitome of a third wheel at the moment.

Special thanks to my best friend, baibabs, who has agreed to be my beta for the projects I am currently working on. Hopefully I will get them out soon with her help. She has been uberly patient with me and my CONSTANT rewrites. I appreciate that.:3

How I'm Doing*


Hey all! So I think it's kinda obvious that as of late I've kinda fallen off of the fanfic band wagon. I'm struggling to get back on it, but as we all know, life can be an unforgiving bastard and can make that a bit difficult. I'm currently in my last year of high school, so between AP classes and scholarship applications, anything and everything anime/manga related has taken a seat on the back burner of my priorities. I just thought I might as well have the courtesy to update my readers (if I still have any at this point) about the status of my projects. So here we go:

--My Harry Potter fan fiction has always been a project just for personal enjoyment, so I honestly have no idea when I'll ever get back on top of that one, or if I even will. Good thing no one really reads it .

--My Naruto fan fiction is like my baby. And I am undergoing serious writer's block with it. As some of you know, I've had the basic plot for it planned out for quite some time, but I am currently having difficulty figuring out how to convey it. I get rather attached to my OC's, so I feel like Nao deserves a bit more than just some half-assed attempt at a chapter. To those of you waiting, sorry, but it's gonna be a bit slow for a while.

--My Bleach fan fiction is actually what I've been paying attention to lately. I haven't really been into Bleach for like the past two years, but I've finally caught up and feel a bit devastated that the manga is now progressing through its final arc and that the anime has come to a close. As stated above, I won't be putting up any chapters until I have the entire thing written. I tend to be very sporadic with writing, so I'd rather not have another story like my Naruto one where I leave my readers waiting five months for an update. When I finish it, I'll update it on a schedule.

So yeah. That's how everything's going. To those of you who've stuck around, I love you. Lots and lots. And lots. Forreal.


I know, I know. I suck at finishing stuff. Probably not going to change anytime soon, but here's an update anyway. I'm done with high school, thank god, and almost done with my last summer before college. Scary stuff. Any-who-dy-doodle, fanfiction is obviously not something I put a lot of time into these days. I'll read when I'm bored, or write when the plot bunnies take over, but it's nothing to where I can say I'll be pumping out new chapters of anything every week. Sorry, folks. I can say, though, that I do make progress on certain things in my extremely short and sporadic writing sessions, and that EVENTUALLY, I will get around to finishing something andposting it then. I don't have a concrete time frame for anything, though, so if anyone is actually reading this, don't expect anything super soon...Unless college just suddenly inspires me to write all the time. So yeah, definitely don't get your hopes up. Peace.

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