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Hello, I'm grc73, now into my 13th year on FF. net!

I write for, and read mostly in, the TV Show Bones fandom (I still miss it, maybe 12 seasons and a movie?...), which I started watching in Season 4, got hooked and it's been the TV love of my life ever since. I am still writing, albeit at a much slower pace these days. my goal is to at least get my unfinished stories completed.

I watched the entire US Office for the first time all the way through rather than bits at a time and have gone JAM mad.

Fave Bones Episodes: The Woman in the Sand, Stargazer in a Puddle, Santa in the Slush, The Passenger in the Oven, Double Trouble in the Panhandle (I love 'em undercover!), The End in the Beginning, The Parts of the Sum... and anything where B&B are all over each other like a rash - thank you S7 and beyond. I really like married BB... :)

I'm a BB Shipper through and through, with a smattering of Hodgela. I like Cam but wasn't a massive Sweets fan I'm afraid.

I totally love B&B fluff... and well written smut, with or without plot, lol.

I'm also on Twitter as _grc73 (don't forget the "at" sign, it doesn't work here...)

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