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Hi strangers and unknown friends,

I appologize that it has been a while, for a while I wasn't feeling the writing due to real life kerfuffle. However, several friends convinced me to give writing another shot, so I wrote a fanfiction/short story about Cyberpunk 2077 and posted it on the cdpr (developer's) official forums for their short story competition. What do you know, but people kind of like it. Its in the running for the #1 slot in their global english version of their short story competition, and it is called Beholder, by Michael Stitcher; if you are interested in reading it. You can find it and vote for this weekend only over on the forums dot cdprojektred dot com website. I told my friends that if people enjoy the writing, maybe I can come back to fanfiction and finish off a few more chapters or stories just for the fun of it. Will see, I think writing again might be fun, even if it isn't professional aka for money.


Michael Stitcher aka michaelsuave

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