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Hi. My name is Maggie. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have two adult kids, 4 grandkids, 2 chihuahuas I adore and a small but wonderful group of friends.

Reading has been my passion since I learned my ABC's.

A few years ago I discovered fanfics and since then have read hundreds. You'll find my favourites below...some better than others.

I mostly read paranormal/supernatural romances. Anything with vampires and werewolves and a good plot, although I only read SVM and TB fanfics.

I've found some wonderful stories on this site and if you're a TB or SVM fan then I'd imagine most of you know the top 50 authors/stories, although there are new ones appearing all the time.

I am currently following too many fanfics to list but my all time favourite is EricIzMine who tragically passed away a couple of years ago. You can find on her work on her WordPress site. She has some incredible E/S stories, both AH and Vamp. Try her Multiverse. Different versions of reality for Eric and Sookie. All the "what might have beens". Woulda, shoulda, coulda! I recommend starting with "Bored To Death.” All wonderful and well worth reading even though most are unfinished.

Another few of my favourite authors are California Kat, Wylis, Queen of Area Five and Rebelina11, just to name a few.

Since True Blood and the book series had such a crappy ending, I'm relying on fanfiction to give me better results. I'm a devoted Eric/Sookie shipper.

I'll just have to get my E/S fix here...

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