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A very little bit about me.

Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures in life. A story whether traditionally bound in a book or on line takes me to places I may never get a chance to go and let's me experience things at least vicariously that I may not have the opportunity to. In stories anything is possible. Recently my children have introduced me to manga and anime. Imagine my amazement when I realized this wasn't just silly kid's stuff but that some really fascinating material is out there and can cross age as well as cultural differences. I found this site through my oldest daughter. It's great to see the different directions stories can go. Sometimes the fanfics supply a much more satisfying ending for stories such as Witch Hunter Robin and Harry Potter.

The same daughter who guided me to this site did Nanowrimo this year. As I encouraged her through the writing process she has done the same for me on this site. When she was very young I used to make up stories to tell her when we were waiting, sometimes in line at the grocery store or for a movie, sometimes even in the doctor's office. She was interested enough that they would spill over into her bed time stories often replacing books we were reading. I don't think they were especially good but we both remember those times of closeness together fondly. Her encouragement has led me to start writing. Currently we reading each others stories, offering constructive criticism as well as boosting each others sometimes flagging spirits as we go through this creative process. Even if no one else likes what I write she does and that means the world to me.

A rant about flames.

Flames and flamers, I just don't get this. Why? Constructive criticism is fine, actually it is extremely valuable, but mindless insults are just idiotic. If an author has made a mistake, fine, feel free to point it out. Please specifically point it out. The more specific you are the better chance the author has of fixing their mistake. After all that's what reviews are for but throwing insults (like: a 2 year old could come up with something better than this) and name calling (such as: idiot, stupid, dummy ect.) are not constructive, they are just immature. When I read these I can't help but wonder just how bad that person's self esteem must be if they need to try to crush someone else in order to feel better about themselves.

Sometimes flames are just moronic. I'm personally not a big yuri/yaio fan. I've read a few but it's not my preference. Most of these fics are clearly labeled as such in the summary. If you don't like it, don't read it. Ranting at an author in a review for the subject matter doesn't make sense especially if it is clearly stated in the summary that this is what the story contains.

Also taking an author to task over a romantic pairing. We all have our favorites, sometimes they are canon and sometimes they aren't. Everybody is different, meaning we all have our preferences. Once again, if you don't like, don't read. Pairings are almost always listed at the end of the summary. Why read about a couple one completely disapproves of?

My opinion on what makes a character ooc.

People are multifaceted, with sometimes conflicting personality traits. Also people are constantly in flux. As circumstances change, people's attitudes will too. I'm not the same person I was 20 years ago. My personality is basically the same but my reactions and attitudes to things have changed. They had to. I didn't know the things I do now or had the experience back then that time has blessed me with. If people grow and change why not a fictional character? So I feel when accusing an author of writing someone out of character, we the reviewer should carefully examine what has gone on and is there a reasonable explanation for the character departing from their normal behavior? -- This is just my opinion. I know many will disagree with me and that's okay. We are all entitled to our opinions. I will tolerate others and hope it will be reciprocated back to me.

Favorite Anime/ Mangas:



Ouran High School Host Club


Witch Hunter Robin

Books (with fan fic on this site)

Harry Potter

TV & Movies (once again I'm referring to fan fic on this site)

Star Trek 2009

Favorite Pairings


Rukia & Ichigo


Kagome & Sesshoumaru (Yes, I know this never came close to happening in either the manga or anime but I just like Sesshoumoru more than Inuyasha. To me he's calmer, more mature, more in control, and yeah hotter than Inuyasha. I don't know why Kagome puts up with Inuyasha's immaturity and obsession with Kikyo.)

Kagome & Koga

Sango & Inuyasha (Once again there wasn't even the slightest hint of anything between them, but recently I've read a couple of stories on this site with them featured as a couple and I really liked it. Maybe because they are both first warriors and people of action. Whatever, it works for me.)

Sango & Miroku

Rin & Shippo

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi & Kyoya

Haruhi & Mori

Witch Hunter Robin

Robin & Amone

Robin & Michael

Nagira & Dojima

Harry Potter

Harry & Ginny

Ron & Hermione

Star Trek 2009

Spock & Uhura

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