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Joined May '09, Australia

A little about me:

Hi, I'm TSLOD. I am currently 19.

I am a second year University student doing Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Environmental Studies.

Fan Fiction writing - Why Zack and Cody?

Why do I write about Suite Life? That answer is simple. I love the Sprouse twins and have now for a very long time. I also like messing with Zack and Cody's lives. It's fun, they have the perfect personalities for it. It's fun to twist and mingle with. I also generally like reading stories about them that are dark and depressing, and I also like writing dark and depressing stories about them. Only for the purpose that Disney is too chirpy and unrealistic, so hey, why not do it dark and depressing to the extreme as well? :)

Current Projects

1. Life as we Knew it - Boston Boy Story (A re-write is going to be posted shortly.)

2. California Dreaming - (I've been getting a few PM's and reviews to update this one. To be honest, I hit a pretty hard writers block on it but I'm working through it and hope to have it updated soon. Maybe.)

3. Ashen Sky - (Story I'm focusing on)

Up Coming

Life as we Knew it - The Last Survivors (Boston Boy Story Sequel)

If there are any of my stories that I haven't updated in a year or so that you want me to finish, please send me a PM and I'll get off my lazy ass and I'll finish it for you. :)

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