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Hey guys-

I am so sorry I have been MIA for so long. At the end of July 2012 I started having symptoms, nobody knew what was wrong with me or why I was having these problems. Last june I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and recently found out I have a brain tumor. The brain tumor isn't as bad as it sounds but the fact that I have something growing in my head freaks me out. Due to everything going on and feeling worn out on daily basis I have no clue when I will update Castoff.

If you want to feel free to find me on facebook, under Patricia Dawn. You can also find me on instagram under my fanfic username

I'm a photographer, avid music listener, & read as much fanfiction/original fiction as I can (thank goodness for text to speech programs)

If you didn't already know this my mom Nise7465 is publishing her story Impact. check out her website & blogger for news. http:/// http:///

The lovely and talented Betti Gefecht made castoff a fantastic banner. I cant thank you enough bb, I LUV IT!! http:///albums/ii508/musicflare87ffn/

To the strong lion I no longer talk to and miss immensely, thank you for your wisdom, and opinionated comments. Even though there is a slim to none chance I will EVER talk to you again, I hope to never disappoint you.


The characters of Twilight are owned by Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Castoff’s title, plot and original characterizations are the intellectual property of Musicflare87.

Story title & Summary


After tragedy leaves Edward spinning on his axis, will a brown-haired beauty keep him afloat or will something from his past leave him floundering in the depths of his own despair? AH, AU, OOC Mature, for a reason.

Official song for Castoff: Arms by Christina Perri

Castoff Playlist:

Prologue: Lay Me Down By Hanson

Thank you to some awesome people for tweeting and reccing Castoff.

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