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Hiii~ Basically poking through some stuff, trying to see if I can get my writing gears back in place. I am working on a crossover, but I don't know when/if it'll be completed.

Other half of "Adept Adoption" can be found written by chibi-veneficus.

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A commissioned piece of a napping dad Dante and kid Nero ( karaii. deviantart. com/ art/ Commission- Lonegamer7- 212044348 ) by the awesome karaii, inspired by Rhiw's heartwarming/tearjerking/snicker-inducing "Like Father, Like Son" ( fanfiction. net/ s/ 6822576/ 1/ Like_ Father_ Like_ Son ).

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"Mirai no Kusari" is dropped, due to my RK fountain having gone dry.

Some earlier works deleted due to various reasons. Namely, cringing at how "crazy fanboy" I was back then, basically how "noob"-ish. Although I am glad to see how my writing has progressed over the years, which is a good thing. Much of my early GW works booted out. In short, I was on quite the long-term crack when I first started out back during high school. Heh, crack IS cheaper than anime...

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Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA

"A desire is born at birth, so it's easy to understand, but kindness is something that everyone has to make with their own hands. So it's easily misunderstood ot thought of as hypocrisy. Anyone can doubt easily. Try to believe. Be a person who believes... That will certainly... become an encouragement to someone." - Honda Kyoko, Fruits Basket ep 3

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing." - Optimus Prime, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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