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03/08/2011- Okay so I have created a new story called Desires of the Soul. Please go check it out (it's an X-men crossover with Covenant) It used to be called Hidden Secret!

Covenant Fanfiction: A Beautiful Mashup (Sequel to A New Start)

Genre: Romance/Friendship
Language: English
Rating: T
Status: In-Progress
Paring: Reid/OC- Reid/Rebecca
Summary: Rebecca Logan: Shy, clumsy and broken. Reid Garwin: Cocky, player and scared. Together they are a beautiful Mashup, together they can heal each others wounds. It will take all of their friends to show them how perfect they are but will it be too late?
Note: Rebecca Logan is portayed by Sasha Jackson
Photos: Rebecca Logan with short hair ~Rebecca~Rebecca~Rebecca~Chris Logan~Jeff Logan

Covenant Fanfiction: A New Start

Genre: Friendship/Romance
Status: Complete
Rating: T
Paring: Tyler/OC-Tyler/Cassie
Language: English
Summary: Cassie Delaney is attending Spencer on a scholarship and is instantly taken under the wing of none other then Reid Garwin. Their friendship causes her to become friends with the other sons and as her feelings towards Tyler grows, she can't help but wonder it they're keeping something from her. Something huge.
Photos: Cassie Delaney~Cassie again~Liam ~Analise

Covenant Fanfiction: All I Can Do is remeber 'Series'

Series Names: 1) Sometimes Love Just Isn't Enough
2) All I Can Do Is Remember
3) Never Say Never
(Also includes how Ally and Reid met)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
All three are Complete
Summarys: Sometimes Love just isn't enough: Maybe in the future we could have something but for now, I was going to be selfish. I was going to do something for myself and take some time. I wasn't going to be a puppet anymore; I wasn't going to have a master. "I'm sorry Reid, but I can't."
All I can do is Rememer: They said I was being a dick, that no matter how much I "liked" her I would end up breaking her heart.I wished they had been wrong, but apparently god just wasn't on my side because they had been right.
Never Say Never:Reid stood next to the edge, his arms spread wide and his head titled back and it was when he turned to face me that I took notice of his eyes; charcoal black. (Ch.2 Understandably Tounge-tied is how Reid and Ally met)
Photos: Ally Ferguson

Covenant Fanfiction: Fall For You

Genre: Romance
Status: Complete
Language: English
Rating: T
Paring: Reid/OC-Reid/Cynthia
Summary: He was staring at me. "I promised you Cindy; I'm going to keep that promise." Lips touched my own, hesitant at first. I leaned closer, relishing in the feeling of his arms around me. For some people love is a disease. For me; love is my cure.

Covenant/X-men Evolution crossover: Desires of the Soul

Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: English
Status: In-Progress
Paring: Noah/ ? (Unknown)
Summary: Noah Parry was 14 when she received her mutant powers and knowing full well she would never be accepted, ran off with a woman named Raven Darkholme. Three years later and she's finally gotten control, found a family and been accepted but when a mission takes her back to the place she fears most-her home in Ipswich- her life gets turned upside down. For better or for worse? She doesn't know.
Noah Parry desired four things. To be accepted; to have a real family; to gain control and to be loved. Bayville helped her achieve 3 of the 4 but when she's sent back to Ipswich, will that gain her the fourth? Or will all her desires go down the drain?

Note: This story used to be called Hidden Secret

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