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Sierra Akurai
Joined Apr '02
Updates- Has been reading heaps, not writing.. get over it and reveiw! ^.^

Harry Potter and the DragonSinger
Got Chapter 6 up ^.^;; Sorry to you you Madame Promfrey fans ;_; o.o;;

Combining The Elements
Still waiting on those 5 reveiws!

Alternate Realities
Overdue fic, overdue fic.. o.O;; Haven't made much of a start on it.. but I'm engaged writing a novel so..

Ocean Dreams
Part 3 is up. R&R please!

If you reveiw my fics, I'll do the same for you. I think thats fair and even. ^.^;; (nod)
Umm, yeah o.O;; So be on the lookout fer them (that is. if anyone reads my pitiful fics and sees this message o.o;;)

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