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I think my earlier bio qualified for one of the ten most boring blurbs on the site, so I'm attempting a bio makeover here. I am a fanosaur –a new term for an ol--er, long time fan.;-) Over the years, I've written a few stories in several different fandoms, but my three main fandoms are The Professionals, The Sentinel and Supernatural. The Sentinel is the reason I broke down and bought my first computer in 1997, before that I was a zine-based fanwriter. Most of my Sentinel fan fiction is now posted at AO3 (Archive of Our Own) under Swellison, and I'm slowly adding more non-SPN stories there.

I joined the E/O Challenge Drabble community over a year ago, and since then my page has been overrun by drabble posts. (Watching your story count increase weekly is a big boost for any fan author.) Newer drabbles are now done as chapters in Drabbles 101 and A Door Opens, my Sam at Stanford drabbles. For anyone looking for a bigger fic fix, these stories aren't drabbles (list chronologically with the most recently posted stories listed first):

Newest stories: Uncommonly Winchester - Snow Days

Loose Ends - Sparks and Memories - Wilds of Wyoming - Apple Pie and Chevrolet - Sasquatch and Squash - Call My Name - Last Bit of Christmas - Echoes and Pieces - Choices - Three Dark Days - Pick a Hemisphere - Federal Express - No Black Altars - Olympic Moments - Moonlight Madness - Stripped Bare - A Very Normal Christmas - Joyride - Excerpts From the Diary of Sam Winchester (in progress) - Old Ghosts - Light Fare - Up and Down the Dial - Last Gift - Driven - Ring of Fire or The Family Circle - King For a Day - Finis - Push Comes to Shove - Of Pride and Thankfulness

Disclaimer: Sam, Dean and all the other players and elements of the Winchester Universe are the property of Eric Kripke et al.

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