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Age: 23

i like writing crossovers because i love to mix stuff together. I love yaoi but i dont like Yuri (it creeps me out..O_O), but i respect someone who doesnt like or love yaoi and yuri. Digimon was a awesome show, i love the first two seasons, since i grow up with them. I like putting my self in stories (I'm werid like that) and also pair my self with one of my favoirte guys like. I love crack pairings!!

I hate Namine, Elizabeth Swan, Yuna, Bella Swan (i like the books more than the movies), Snow, (FF13-idk i just dont like him), Edward Cullen (die no one likes you), Alice Cullen (from the movies-Ashlee Green sucks)Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, people who don't respect other's options, bullies, trolls (esp. on youtube), and other annoying characters/people.

The badass female characters i like are: Lightning (ff13), Sora Takenouchi, Kari Kamiya, Fang (FF13), Tifa, Rikku, Yuffie, Lulu (magic is awesome), Kairi (half and half), Aqua, Xion, Alice Cullen (from the books), Rosaile Hale, Jane, Vanille (FF13-she's a ok character but i dont like her voice), and other characters.

The guy characters i love are: Cloud, Roxas, Sora (KH), Jasper Hale (only vampire guy from twilight i really like), Riku (even though i bash on him alot-Emo pretty boy), Hope (FF13-what he's cute), Jack Sparrow, Reno, Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, TK (he's hot in season 2), Davis, and other's guy characters (too lazy to name them all).

Favorite Couples: Digimon: TaixMimi, TaixSora, MattxSora, IzzyxMimi, DavisxKari (i like this couple more than Tkxkari), MattxKari (i really like this couple); KH: SoraxNamine, RoxasxKairi (only pairing i like with Kairi), SoraxOC, RoxasxOC, SoraxYuffie, SoraxOlette and other good pairings; Twilight: JacobxBella (sorry i hate Edward so much); POTC: WillxLiz and JackxOC; Final Fantasy: TidusxRikku, CloudxTifa, CloudxYuffie, HopexLightning (age doesnt matter!!!!!) and other good pairings. (i like to pair Sora with anyone expect Kairi or Axel or anyother organzation 13 memters expect for Roxas and Xion (what i like SoraxXion ok)*shudders then did a evil laugh when mentioning Roxas's and Xion's names*)

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (all three movies), lord of the rings series, Twilight saga (only watch the movies because of Jacob and the badass characters like Alice, Rosaile, Jane, and Emmett), Snakes on a Plane (Samual L. Jackson is the shit!!), Wizards of Wavlery Place the movie, Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, Scary Movies (all of them), another awesome spoof movies (i want to see Vampire Sucks), 30 days of night (badass vampires), and other good movies.

Favoirte artist/bands: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartney, Racsal Flatts, Nickelback, Nick Jonas (when he did his own concrt and he has the most amazing voice), Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens (i like her singing not her acting), Carrie Underwood, David A., and other good bands and singers.

Favorite games: Kingdom hearts, Kingdom hearts 2, FF7, FF9, FF10, FF13, Final Fantasy Dissida, Red Faction, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and other fun games

If you think Jeff Dunham is hysterical, copy and paste this onto your profile!

Pairings I hate/can't stand: SoraxKairi (i can't freaking stand Kairi sometimes), AxelxRoxas (i'm a yaoi fan but i'm not a fan of this pairing), EdwardxBella (hate both characters in twilight), AxelxXion (*shudders*), VanillexHope (i like the friendship but i think Vanille will be too annoying for Hope), SnowxHope (HELL NO, not my favorite guy with my most hated guy, FUCK NO) and other annoying couples.

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