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[Newer profile update: I'm not posting my stories on here any more. I'm on AO3, and I'm on tumblr, both with more or less the same username, just different punctuation; underscore between the words on AO3, and nothing between the words for tumblr.]

Might as well update my profile.

From my previous profile: "If you ever see any grammar or spelling mistakes in my writing, please tell me! Same goes with any other sort of error -- getting canon wrong, or a (normal) human doing something physically impossible; I strive for accuracy in everything."

Currently doing beta work for "One Eye, Full of Wisdom". (It's a good story, and I keep it free of spelling and grammar errors to the best of my ability.) I'd be willing to beta for other stories so long as a) the writing quality (aside from spelling/punctuation) is of a decent level, b) I don't hate the story for other reasons, and c) I have time.

I hate character bashing. If you hate a character, it's very simple: DON'T WRITE ABOUT THEM. Or, in your story, change the character into someone you don't hate. You're the author, you have the power. If you think someone spends too much time moping about uselessly (and thus you hate their canon version, which is totally acceptable), have them get up and take steps to fix their problems; if you think they're a jerk to your favourite character, have them learn to be a better person.

When it comes to shounen manga, One Piece appears to be my true love; despite that, I don't like reading fanfiction about it too much, as that will almost always fall far short of the source material. (It's like how almost all of Weird Al's songs are better than the original, except for "Another One Boards the Bus", because come on, it's freaking QUEEN.) Similarly, I like Naruto fanfiction because I'm more-or-less familiar with the source material (I skimmed it over at best when it came to that hugeass dumb war near the end), and I don't have much of an attachment to canon.

One of these days I'll want to put here a guide to the most common spelling/grammar errors I've seen; but that day is not today.

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