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Hey all!

Um, I'm Jenna and I'm an fanfiction addict...

have just started writing again after a - well you can see how long it's been...

any way i'm kinda obsessed, i like every thing from criminal minds and NCIS to Buffy and Supernatural to Stargate both Atlantis and SG1 and Star Trek TOS and 2009, Harry Potter and the World of Anita Blake.

it's kinda sad really cause i check this site and ArchiveOfOurOwn almost every day without fail and now i want to start posting my stuff. so i hope you like them...

I'm a Slasher (?) usually but i also like well written Het though i have a hard time writing it. Actually i have a hard time writing romance at all but I'll give it a go. Criticism is welcome, flames are not and if you do feel the need to flame me well at least do it under your own name instead of anonymously.

I'm currently working on a Harry Potter/Carpathian story which i think is shaping up to be pretty good...

Currently all other stories are on hiatus until i decide if they have a future... Sorry.

I love well written stories, i have not time for badly written ones

I have a brother and a awesome mother, a father who loves me and a step-mum who is amazing.


love Jenna xoxox

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