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Hi, I'm Kelly

I don't write, but i love to read!!

im 25, and love twilight fanfics!!

im not a big fan of people mixing up the couples, but sometimes it works really well, i am just a little more hesitant about it. im all for edward&bella, emmett&rosalie, jasper&alice, and carlise&esme!! but i love variations of...umm species?... like human or vampire or werewolf or witches or whatever kind of creature you come up with, im not picky. but edward and bella, at least, must remain :) i know it might be boring to some people, but im a hopeless romantic who believes in soulmates, and those couples are obviously soulmates!!

im a romantic but i also love the stories that add humor to it! and i like action and horror, and supernatural and basically all genres... im sometimes hesitant about hurt/comfort genres, it depends on the plot. I love magic/superpower/special ability stuff!

oh, and i love lemons!!!

im not a fan of the fact that doesnt allow MA ratings and that they pull stories. yes, i understand there are rules and guidelines, but they are not written in stone, they can be changed! and yes, i know that there are kids and underage people reading on fanfiction, and that its not appropriate for them. but that is why there are ratings, so people know what they are getting into. and authors give sooo many warnings about each chapter. they can stop reading if they are uncomfortable. its called self-control. i just really dont see the problem with adding the rating to the site. like no problem at all, i cant think of a single one. i just dont understand...

that is why i also have an account with twcs, because they allow MA ratings and its a great place to put pulled stories. i am sailorgirl over there.

FELLOW READERS: dont bash the authors of a story. there is a difference between giving a bad review and insulting the author. dont be nasty, just say you dont like it, or just stop reading. there is no need to make the authors feel bad about themselves by making it personal, this is for fun people!

well thats about it


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