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hello, my name is Angie.

I'm a 1993 child a deep thinker who not good with words or expressing socially so no im not good at spelling or speaking! so sorry to disappoint with run-on and confusing saying the wrong things can be very content at times situations like very relaxing and hate being mean on purpose or accident or just stupid so forgive me please for my awkwardness can be moody angry to from that so patients.

im thankful for my rights of freedom of press and expression after all! with the classic hope of entitlement to manner for online treat others how you want to be treated karma deal! so I like to be careful in how I express my self but I know it the internet so moot point hope to random chatter and lookers stuff who I or you never meet in real life and make cyber feels happen it sometimes feels like a hobby to me to expect the worst things online since that fear some people have most would never say that in real life and can't expect to get away with it unlike online freedom to express all that jazz two-way things so go you?

random things now! im self afraid at time's for random things both for good reason and bad to silly to others who have more experience so don't rub it in please cause im not good at asking for help but sometime you just can't tell or see those little things secret things to my mind whom you can't mind read thank you so yeah future scare's and other bumps along life for me but im not good at expressing as I annoy have probably have overstated and come off as snarky so no special big deal.

interest is average permanent goal dream undecided and basic interest to all expressing artist so all like to do on-site like these for creative people or readers to admire so yeah that simple I like to read, draw and look online a lot of deal. so be it made up or real if I like it I read it or study things that catch a fancy or think it cool basic interest surfing for fun and muse to also like music and shows. now random bits!!!!

fun fact of life I used to sing soprano choir so I have a habit to sing or hum a tune at the time plus I hate conflict! i fear being alone forever but internet social help knows not healthy! friends come and go to much but i don't think the world doomed and hate it maybe situations at time but meh.

plus for a passion that not change in forever is drawing so also do doodle study to help improve my creative skills in a hope to improve my style forever long till it feels more alive and nature till it makes me happy it an obsession but im sloth at times but sometimes I wonder if all my reading will help me spell better at times? plus uploaded some of my art I did for random reasons.

my deviant account is kitty1066

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