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cklammer PM
Joined Jun '09

I am just reading stories and writing reviews for now.

I will review everything I read chapter by chapter from the point in time onwards I start reading and following a particular story. However, I unabashedly state that I am (sometimes) given to rambling in techno babble in my reviews and/or indulging in (excessive) nitpicking. I do not give a wet flying fart whether this puts people off or not. OTOH I generally manage put the rambling and/or nitpicking at the end of my reviews marking them out clearly. I do not do anonymous reviews.

No creative sparks yet, sorry. I must remark here that my preference is towards longer (in term of word count) tales - short stories OTOH I consider generally like cookie crumbs: tasty but not filling.

Mainly I am interested in BSG 2003, BattleTech, Dragonriders of Pern and DiscWorld. My other interests include photography and my family.

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