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Late September 2021

I put up a story, Healing Harry, that started out as a short story of 1,000 words. I wrote it in an hour or so. I let ts sit for a few weeks and when I went back to it, I started adding to it. when it topped 10,000 words I found a place to split it logically, I hoped and now had two chapters. I fund a natural break and now have a good start on chapters three (done and in the final editing stage), four about half done and five is outlined.

As good criticism comes in with intelligence comments I may have to revise the story, I will post notices in the Author notes when that happens.

Please remember I am not a real writer, I am a retired engineer, that writes for fun and not profit. I have no editor or beta. Not sure if one would help. in a way, every reader is equal to a beta reader for me.

Thanks to all that have read my stories.

I have enjoyed many fan fiction pieces over the years.

I may be slow to post updates, I have done more EmComm work in the last few months than I did last year and for some reason, October is a very busy month for Amateur Radio. Every weekend is full and this is Nation Desaster Preparedness Month. There are multiple Drills and Exercises on some weekdays.

A question for all those that read this are you ready for the worst? Storms like IDA are devastating and out west we are facing an increased risk of wildfires and earthquakes. What have you done to prepare?


May 2021 The edited and rewritten story The Patronus has been posted for all 12 chapters. No major changes story changes. I removed the extra words, added the missing words, attempted to fix grammar, and make the story more readable.

I still do not own Harry Potter, Mary Sue, or any of the cliches I used.

I have one story about one or two months out from being published, It needs two or three more chapters.

All this and I make working on getting my receiving side of my Morse Code speed up 15 words a minute. I have designed started installing up a 5GHz radio system for EmComm, and volunteering to refurbish the county OES radio station.

April 2021

After a while, a writer (even a poor writer will re-read his story or stories). I did this after doing as OLD Crow suggested. So a short story, I am rewriting The Patronus. The grammar, I hope, has improved, and the 1st chapter needs one more read-through before I repost it. I didn't add much content, but I did change out some of the wording.

Thanks to all the readers and other writers that posted reviews and critiques. I took lots of notes.


October 2020

A writer's stance.

When a story is labeled AU, do not get upset when things happen differently or in a different sequence from the books.

Part of the issue is we have a few magical objects. If they appear sooner or later, that allows the writers to change the story.

Do not be upset. IF you want to read what JK Rowling wrote, then read her books.

In the case of Changes for the Better, Harry got the map earlier, not later.

A little update:

21 Sept 2020

I have slowly been working on several stories over the last few months. I finished part 2 of Reunion and posted the corrected yesterday Afternoon.

I posted the 1st two chapters of an A/U story where the point of divergence occurs when Dumbledore's Pheonix is late arriving and doesn't bring the sorting hate.

I have all, but one chapter finished. Most of the rest are in the final edit phase. My goal is to post once a week until it is all posted.

30 Nov 2019

(really 3 Dec 2019) I forgot to hit save when I edited my profile.

The Story Bindweed was/has been posted. This was done for November Writ more challenge. I failed to complete the story in the allotted 30 days. Sorry. I plan to finish this by the end of the year. Who said, "The retired have lots of free time?" They lied.

The story is posted without a Beta. IF someone would like to help me, please step up. I could use the help.

Bindweed or bindleweed are common archaic names for the Morning Glory, a plant that often grows in undermaintained graveyards.

3 Dec 2018

I have 1 Chapter of a two-shot short story, Reunion, which fits inside the Patronus Universe (already published). The Second Chapter is still in a rough draft stage and is not coming along as I would like it, but the last read-through is getting better.

In the meantime, I tried to write a novel for NaNoWriMo. All the while operating nearly every weekend in Amateur Radio Contest Mode. And prepping for one of the two ARRL Kids day events. I fell short of the 50,000 words and deadline. I did have a breakthrough one the chapter, which had me stopped. Eventually, The chapter almost wrote itself. The story sits at 6 Chapters and 40,000 words. It will cover the basilisk scene in the Chamber of Secrets to a week or so after school.

11 Aug 2018

One story was completed. After years of trying to write a novel, I found one that just basically wrote itself. Start to completed publication Was 40 days. 12 chapters and still writing notes and possible scenes for other stories as I wrote.

I feel like I have ADHD. There are so many different ideas it can get confusing to keep going in what I think is the right direction.

Mid- July 2018

12/12 Chapters are done. 5 have been edited and 'published.' 3 epilogues. One story might work as an independent slipping between the ending chapters. I will see about it later. I just have it outlined and a few notes on my thoughts.

I am shocked at the number of Visitors and Views. Thanks go to the readers and those who left reviewers and helpful criticism. To the person who left criticism that was unhelpful and non-specific, I ask: Where is your story?

I have 2 pages of notes and thoughts for a news story involving a hobby of mine.

30 June 2018

I finally have a story fit for sharing, I think. 11/12 chapters are written and in the final editing stage.

My other stories are on hold for now.

I will revisit them and finish them someday. But I finally published something.

Not bad for a 65-year-old coot.

Expect updates about every 7-10 days for this story.


I am a reader.

I have three fanfic works in progress, and one original fictional work in progress may get shared eventually.

The original work is fully outlined and annotated, and 15 chapters are done (book one?). The following ten or twelve chapters are written and being filled in as needed. The outline of the following 48 chapters is done. I have moved on to trying to fill in the scenes.

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