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Why hello there. =)

I suppose, seeing as you ventured to my profile, you want to know something about me.

Well, there's not really much to tell, but here it goes.

Cellist, horseback rider, singer, actress, pianist when the spirit moves her.

Non-romantic Phantom of the Opera fan. Not an easy thing to be. Trust me. I believe in love - really, I do. (Stop laughing.) But sappy romance? Keep it away from me! :)

Writer, when the plot bunnies bare their vicious teeth. Which, I used to say, was not very often. It seems appropriate this summer to change this statement, as the plot bunnies seem to have taken up permanent residence in my head. My mind has been working on constant overdrive - good for you, not so much for me. Expect a lot more coming from me, especially in Les Mis and Chess...heck, you might even get some Phantom out of me. As soon as I finish them, have them beta-ed, and deem them worthy of your esteemed reading, I shall display them here.

I have no preconceived parings. For anything. If you can sell it to me, I will go with it, and most likely end up liking it.

Questions/comments/criticism are welcome, send me a message or something. :)

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