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Hi Everyone!


I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

I am a teacher with multiple medical issues: school & health will always come first.

That being said, I am committed to my stories and fear-not! They will continue. (GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter.)

The Malfoy's Servant - Note: I know there are typos and errors throughout the story; the chapters are messed up; the beginning is very predictable and not very original. I have noted all of this. I have not gone back and corrected for the reason that I like to see where I came from. I also am not going back because I have a vision and I'd change things in the beginning that would affect chapters later on. That being said, I love this story and have written many future chapters. I know there are long waits, but Real Life has to come first. Thank you so much to everyone who sticks with the story. I do appreciate you all!

The Girl Who Lived: Sort Of - A rework and continuation of my original story that I then took down.

Any questions, suggestions, or remarks, feel free to message me. I would love to hear from you!

P.S. - in case FFN goes down or you prefer another site - I am in the process of cross-uploading my stories onto AO3. Username: Leanora2.

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