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HEYYYYYYYYYY!! I'm A lonley teen who wants more awesome friends and a lot of you guys have very awesome stories. Maybe some of you can inspire me 2 write my own stories, of coure i would love that.

1.What are your initials?


2.What is your bday?


3.why are you lonley?

My buddy moved away and life sucks

4.What is your favorite books?

TWILIGHT!! Warriors!!

5.Favorite smell?

Pina Colada

6.Favorite hobby?

Collecting insence

7.Who do you miss the most?

My dad and best guy friend

many states you been to?


9.Favorite flowers?

Tiger lilies and red roses

10.What do you love in life?

Romance and lots of love

12.Who do you love the most?

My mom and my boyfriend and also my best buddy who moved away

13.What is your dream?

Graduate in a degree in journalism and marry my high school sweetheart

14.Favorite animals?

My dog Gizmo, Pumpkin, and Domino and kitty Tigger

15.Favorite Song?

Crawling, From yesterday,Animal i have become

I love alot of stories on here hopefully alot of people can give me hints on future stories and eep up the good work.

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