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I'm here to read. I think I have read more then 2000 stories, not counting all the one shots.

The stories that I like:


Bella /Edward *Where Edward leaves and she is trying to find herself*

Bella/ Jasper *I like Jasper because in the stories that I've read he brings the bad girl in her*

Bella/ Paul *The same as Jasper, they just seem to bring the woman out of Bella*

Other combinations to me does not feel right. Emmett and Jacob are like brothers, putting them with Bella does not combine. Same goes with Carlisle, He is a father figure, he should stay that way. Unless he is an Uncle or something like that.


Brennan/Booth *To me is the only way to go. Booth is a sexy softy and it's fun to read about it.*

Twilight/ Vampire Diaries Crossover--

love the stories that have Bella/Damon together.

Then again I have stories in my head that I'm dying to put on paper.

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