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So, I haven't been on in...years. You see, a little thing called school got in the way, as I proceeded to graduate from high school and begin my college education. Well, now my college education is nearly finished, and I'm seriously considering taking up the fan fiction hobby know, for old time's sake.

I've been reading some other author's works...mostly in the realm of anime/manga fan fiction, which is something I've never attempted to write before. Most of my writing (with the exception of Jenny, by far my most popular and serious fan fic) has been very silly Lord of the Rings parodies. If anyone who read and liked Jenny still cares, I may even finish it. It seems a little pathetic not to, and I've known from the beginning how the story would end. It was very close to ending, anyway, and I feel bad for never letting my readers finish it. But I won't bother if no one asks me to.

So, new endeavors will likely include some manga/anime fan fiction, and I might possibly take up the Lord of the Rings stories again, depending on how much time my job and education permit.

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