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Hi there!

Favorite pairings : HP - Hermionie, Severus, Harry, Luna, Fred and George, and Draco

BtVS - Xander, Willow, Dawn, Spike, Oz

SG1 - Daniel, Jack and Murray (lol)

Least favorite: well, anything that involves Ron or Ginny Weasley. Don't like them.

Favorite situations: Crossovers, like the stories that come out of them.

Stories so far:

Dreaming of Shadows

One Shot! It involves Severus Snape...YUM! And an Immortal (vampire, tho they don't like that label) named Elspeth Argeaneau, currently in Magical Brittan from Canada on an assignment with her partner named Christian Notte . Elspeth and Christian come upon the dieing Snape in the shrieking shack and save him from Nagini's poison.

Something Halloweenie This Way Comes

Love Xander Willow pairings, dont see many of them though. Like the stories that had Xander as a Jedi, so I decided to join the bandwagon. Xander dresses as a Jedi and gets Willow to dress up as one as well. As Ethan sets his chaos spell for Halloween, two heroes rise to battle the Dark Side! (on hiatius untill i come up with ideas.)

From Afar

Dawn writes her secrets in her diary about her secret forbidden love. One Shot!

Blacks Daughter

Sirius Black has a daughter he doesn't know about and she writes him letters to him while he's in Azkaban (on hiatis because my computer decided to up and die on me.)

*Favorite Quotes from Stories*

Curse of Fate by Mistress Nika

"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and the purpose of your visit," the cheery witch's voice announced to the six wizards tightly packed into the red telephone box.

"Death Eaters," Lucius said with a hint of amusement. "We're here to kill you." Dolohov had the audacity to smack him on the arm. The amusement in his voice vanished with a shocked exclamation of, "Ow! What was that for, you idiot?"

"They're never gonna let us in now!" the man replied as if it were obvious.

"O' ye of little faith," Lucius smirked at him. "I think I know the Ministry a bit better than you."

Sure enough, to the surprise of everyone except Lucius, the voice thanked them, wished them a good day and a silver badge dropped down. Dolohov picked it up in wonder and read it aloud. "Death Eaters. Reason for visit: Homicide." He blinked at Lucius from behind his mask. "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle."

Outside, twelve other black cloaked individuals waited their turn. As the other six started the decent into the Ministry, one turned to another.

"Hey, Rody," he asked his brother with a grin. "How many Death Eaters can you fit into a phone box?"

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