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So, I like to read but not write.
I try to be a good reviewer but don't always leave a review for every chapter.
I appreciate all the hard work that every writer puts into their stories, and try to express that appreciation. If you don't see a review from me, it doesn't mean that I don't like your story or appreciate your work, it just means I didn't have time to review, was having issues with my phone/computer and couldn't review, or just didn't have anything to say and didn't want to post a generic, possibly lame review.

I tend to scan my favorite shows (or my current mania show) every few days and add stories to my alerts. I add and remove from my alerts constantly, please do not be offended if your story has been removed from my alerts. I try to go thru and read each and every one. I might not favorite your story but if you have multiple stories that I like I will favorite or alert the author. I do occasionally go thru and clean up my alert/favorite lists, I will remove a story if it hasn't been update in a while, or remove from favorites if I just haven't re-read the story in awhile. I do tend to re-read favorite stories over and over again. I really hate getting into such a great story just to have the author abandon it (yes I realize real life happens), so I might add your story to my alerts, and just wait and see if you keep updating it. I might wait to read it only after it has several chapters to it.

I try to read each and every story added to my alerts, however if there is little to no punctuation, capitalization, or no paragraph breaks it makes the story very hard to read regardless of how great an idea it is. And believe me I'm no english major or anything like that, just a person who has had a life long love of reading.

Thank you to all the writers on this site for all the wonderful stories you have written, and all the many many hours of entertainment you have provided.

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