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I am Published!!! Finally. The dream has been reached. I have one novel out now. Ready To Burn by Mandy Michelle. It's available on Amazon worldwide as an eBook and a paperback.

Come on over to my official Author Page on Facebook:

Each month I will have live chats about writing, reading and book recommendations. I hope you'll join me.

I have made a Facebook profile: Twireader Eighty-One, so come on over and add me as a friend. It's a good way to contact me. Thanks so much for all of your support!!!

Check out my collaboration page with my amazing frind Sally (toocute24)! Together, we are twi.cute!!! New one shot in now posted!!!! It is called "My Best Friend's Wife," and I'm incredibly proud of the story! We didn't win the Taste of the Forbidden Contest, but we are happy to have had the opportunity to write together. Check it out!

*At the moment, I am not interested in having any of my work translated! But, I appreciate that there is an interest! So, thank you all for the offers!* I'm a 39 year old obsessive fanfic reader/writer...I only read twilight fanfics and I prefer to read AH fics.

My first fic, "Forbidden Fruit," was for the Twilight Fright Night contest. (A vamp story from an AH reader?!)

My first multi-chapter fic is called "Summer Vacation." I mainly wrote it to keep myself occupied when the fics I read get to angsty for me!!! I have enough stress in my life...I guarantee an angst-free fic!!! This fic basically details my ideal relationship!!! This would be perfection in my eyes. Sweetward!!! I update this fic daily!!! It will not be ending anytime soon!!! Please don't be discouraged by the number of chapters, as they are fairly short. Give it shot!!!I have decided to change the rating of this story from T to M. An M rating is suitable for ages 16. I have no plans to change the style in which I write, but with Bella and Edward's relationship getting more and more serious, I don't want to have to worry about offending anyone. I hope you are all okay with my decision, as I have put a lot of thought into it.

"Summer Vacation" is NOW COMPLETE!!!

The sequel "Summer Vacation: Back To Class" is NOW COMPLETE!!!

The Third in the series "Summer Vacation: Happily Ever After" is In Progress!

"College and Cowboys" is NOW COMPLETE!!!! Thank you all for sharing the journey with me!!!

"College and Cowboys" was nominated for the "Fried Green Tomatoes Award - Best Country/Cowboy Story" on The Tomato Soup Awards!!! Thank you to too.cute.24 for nominating me!!! I didn't win the award, but thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me!*

"College and Cowboys" has been nominated for "Your Top Ten Completed Fics June 2012" on TwiFanfictionRecs.

Here's my personal Twilight Adventure:

In April, 2010, I had the opportunity to meet Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz and Tyson Houseman!!! To say I freaked out is an understatement. After meeting Alex, I actually said, "I think I'm Team Werewolf." This says a lot about Alex, as I'm the most hardcore Team Edward fan on the planet!!! Alex was the nicest man I have ever met...for real!!! He gave me a hug...I hugged Paul!!!!! Swoon!!! Oh, and he has the smallest waist!!! haha!!! Tyson was sweet, too and Peter was really nice. But as you can tell, Alex stole my heart!!!

I have a BA in History and Religious Studies and an MA in Ancient History. Most likely, my field of study will not appear in my writing, as the subject matter I have studied has driven me to insanity. I am currently a self employed artist and Avon lady on a mission to find a job in which I can apply my education. It does not seem likely!! ;)

I have just graduated from writing school...Romance Writing School!

Other interests include:

Twilight (Books and Movie)

Adam Lambert

Music: Adam Lambert (Of course!), Rob Rivieres, Bobby Long, Matt Nathanson, Chris O'Brien, Ferras, Darren Hayes...

TV: Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, NCIS: Los Angeles, Revenge... I could go on forever.

Pez dispensers


Wow...I sound really exciting!! ;)

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