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Galactic Guardians Major Data:

Galactic Guardians Overall Leaders:

Ashley/Sailor Solaris/Super Sailor Solaris/Eternal Sailor Solaris/Princess Solaria

Element: Light

Level 1A: Solar Beam 1B: Plasma Blast

Level 2: Solar Flare

Level 3: Solar Sunspot (Even More Powerful than Level 2 Attack takes out a ton of monsters at once!)

Level 4A: Solar Storm (A storm of Solar Flares,Sunspots, Rays that can take out several monsters at once. Even morepowerful than Scepter 4 attack) B: Eternal Solar Storm(Basically all of the attacks fromLevel 1 through 4A Combined. Takes a ton of energy for her to use)

Scepter 1(Healing 1): Solar Healing Escalation

Scepter 2: Cosmic Star Blast

Scepter 3: Starlight Cosmic Star Blast

Scepter 4: Shooting Star Cosmic Meditation

Scepter 5: Solar Flare Sunspot Storm (Can't use this very much because it weakens her seriously).

Scepter 6(Healing 2): Bronze Crystal Healing Wave Activation

Transformation Phrases: Solar Prism Power Make Up!, Solar Crystal Power Make Up!, Solar Crisis Make Up!, Solar Eternal Make Up!

Gary/Silver Rose/Prince Shigeru

Element: Roses of Silver

Level 1A: Silver Rose Barrage 1B: Silver Rose Tornado

Level 2: Silver Rose Blizzard

Level 3: Silver Rose Storm

No Transformation Phrase: Gary just raises a Silver Rose to the Sky and Transforms

Solaris Court:

Drew/Darcy/Sailor Rhea/Super Sailor Rhea

Element: Plants

Level 1A: Petal Dance 1B: Rose Petal Blizzard

Level 2: Frenzy Plant

Level 3: Frenzy Ball(Mixture of Frenzy Plant and Energy Ball. Even more powerful than Frenzy Plant Pummel)

Transformation Phrases: Rhea Power Make Up!, Rhea Crystal Power Make Up!

Duplica/Sailor Triton/Super Sailor Triton

Element: Water and Mimicry

Level 1A: Mimic 1B: Rain Storm

Level 2: Origin Pulse

Level 3: Tidal Wave

Transformation Phrases: Triton Power Make Up! Triton Crystal Power Make Up!

Casey/Sailor Ganymede/Super Sailor Ganymede

Element: Rocks

Level 1A: Rock Throw 1B: Rock Storm

Level 2: Rock Wave

Level 3: Rock Slide Wave(Mixture of Rock Wave and the Pokemon Attack Rock Slide. Takes out even more monsters at once.)

Transformation Phrases: Ganymede Power Make Up!, Ganymede Crystal Power Make Up!

May/Sailor Io/Super Sailor Io

Element: Lava, Magma, and Fire

Level 1A: Lava Blast 1B: Burning Mist

Level 2: Volcanic Eruption

Level 3: Magma Wheel(Mixture of Magma Storm and Flame Wheel Takes out an even bigger chunk of monsters than Magma Storm Smash)

Transformation Phrases: Io Power Make Up!, Io Star Power Make Up!, Io Crystal Power Make Up!

Galactic Enforcers:

Dawn/Sailor Titania/Super Sailor Titania

Element: Weather

Level 1A: Spark Whip 1B: Sparkling Space Tornado

Level 2: Spark Hurricane

Level 3: Thunder Punch Hurricane (Creates an even bigger Hurricane than Spark Hurricane)

Transformation Phrases: Titania Power Make Up!, Titania Star Power Make Up! Titania Crystal Power Make Up!

Zoey/Sailor Eris/Super Sailor Eris

Element: Flowers and Earth

Level 1A: Petal Spiral(Combination of the Petal Dance Pummel of Rhea and the Sand Spiral Smash of Terra.) 1B: Rose Storm (Combination of the Rose Petal Blizzard of Rhea and the Sandstorm Smash of Terra.)

Level 2: Frenzy Quake(Combination of Frenzy Plant Pummel of Rhea and the Earthquake Elimination of Terra.)

Level 3: Frenzy Ball Impact(Combination of Frenzy Ball Blast of Rhea and Giga Impact of Terra.)

Scepter 1(Healing): Eris Shell Bell Healing Song Surround

Transformation Phrases: Eris Power Make Up!, Eris Star Power Make Up!, Eris Crystal Power Make Up!

Serena/Sailor Miranda/Super Sailor Miranda

Element: Fairy

Level 1A: Fairy Wind 1B: Disarming Voice

Level 2: Dazzling Gleam

Level 3: Moon Blast

Transformation Phrase: Miranda Power Make Up!, Miranda Star Power Make Up!, Miranda Crystal Power Make Up!

Iris/Sailor Haumea/Super Sailor Haumea

Element: Dragon

Level 1A: Dragon Claw(Shoots energy that forms into Claws and strike the enemy without physical contact) 1B: Spatial Rend(Uses Palkia's Spatial Rend. Fires out as and energy Beam)

Level 2: Roar of Time(Uses Dialga's Roar of Time that fires out in the form of an energy beam)

Level 3: Draco Meteor(Takes out several enemies at once very destructive.)

Transformation Phrases: Haumea Power Make Up, Haumea Star Power Make Up!, Haumea Crystal Power Make Up!

Phobian Enforcers/Galactic Ambassadors:

Ranma/Ren/Sailor Phobos/Super Sailor Phobos

Element: Confidence

Level 1A: Tiger Roar 1B: Flaming Tiger

Level 2: Fire Storm

Level 3: Flare Blitz

Transformation Phrases: Phobos Power Make Up, Phobos Star Power Make Up!, Phobos Crystal Power Make Up!

Akane/Sailor Deimos/Super Sailor Deimos

Element: Anger

Level 1A: Hammer Head 1B: Flame Hammer

Level 2: Fire Shower

Level 3: Fire Flare

Transformation Phrases: Deimos Power Make Up!, Deimos Star Power Make Up!, Deimos Crystal Power Make Up!

Misty/Sailor Terra/Super Sailor Terra

Element: Sand and Quakes

Level 1A: Sand Spiral 1B: Sand Storm

Level 2: Earthquake

Level 3: Giga Impact

Transformation Phrases: Terra Power Make Up!, Terra Star Power Make Up!, Terra Crystal Power Make Up!

Giselle Seiyo/Sailor Callisto/Super Sailor Callisto

Element: Ice

Level 1A: Ice Storm 1B: Blizzard Storm

Level 2: Avalanche Storm

Level 3: Icy Blizzard Wind(Combines Icy Wind and Blizzard Attacks freezing and shattering the Opponent with one shot)

Transformation Phrases: Callisto Power Make Up!, Callisto Star Power Make Up!, Callisto Crystal Power Make Up!

Ashley/Arina looks like in New Life New Journey and Ash's Transition, as well as Pokemon Sun & Moon- Arina in Alola:

For those of you who want to know what Ashley or Arina looks like in the mentioned stories, they look exactly like the cover image of those stories. However for Arina in Alola, she also has a look for her Pokemon Contests.

The one on the left is Arina's traveling form while the one on the right is Arina's Contest form:

Contest look for Arina: /attachment/download/369

Normal look for Arina: /attachment/download/370

Here is what Ashley looks like in the stories Ash's Transition and New Life, New Journey:


Ashtyn Alana Ketchum from one of my upoming stories: /attachment/download/372

The story is called Pokemon Sun & Moon- Ash's Secret Revealed(Working title, may change later)


The following stories are no longer on Hiatus:

Ash's Transition

Pokemon Black & White

New Life, New Journey

Galactic Guardians Rewrite

The following stories are still on Hiatus and will remain so or the Foreseeable future:

Adventures in Kalos

Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto

Chronicles of Team Lucy

Fairy Tail Generation IV

Great Mystery Revealed

Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love

Suite Precure: Return of Cure Harmony (To be Renamed Suite Precure: Return of Cure Symphony at a later time)

Check out my joint account with my friend Emma Iveli:

AshK1980 and Emma Iveli

Stories that are currently Active:

Pokemon: Sun & Moon- Arina in Alola(Currently Active)

Pokdmon: Sun & Moon- Ashtyn's Alolan Adventures(Currently Active)

Please Continue to be patient with me. With my work, Karate, and Aerobic Schedules I'm not sure when or if some of these stories will continue, come off of Hiatus or remain on my profile.

I have Exported and Removed the original Galactic Guardians R Story and the original Galactic Guardians S Story. I'm going to rewrite them to match the rewrite of Galactic Guardians. Since I'm rewriting Galactic Guardians, I have to rewrite the next seasons of the saga as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

~ AshK1980

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