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Fear me!

Okay, no, not really, but it gave you that, *DUN DUN DUNNN* feeling, didn't it?

I like writing fanfictions for Twilight mostly, please no mocking. I currently don't have anything uploaded yet, and that is because I'm in the process of editing some of my fanfictions; the minute I'm finished with them, the minute they show up here.

Trust me, the need to be edited!

Beta Readers: I'm really hoping to find a Beta Reader, I used to have one and she dissapeared on me some time ago... Hm... Anyway, if your a registered Beta Reader and would like someone to Beta Read for, please drop me a line!

You have come to that awkward time of this message, please hang up now to exclude any more embarrasement. Thank you.

P.S. I suck at horror.

P.S.S SCREW WORD. this is why I have not been posting Fanfics D:

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