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Hey so I know that I haven't written in such a long time, but I am going to finish 26 Shippings, I promise. I don't know aobut my other stories that I wrote that I planned to post, but I have some new stories in the works...

Nickname: Meow

Gender: Girl

Favorite Books: The Catcher in the Rye, Any Ellen Hopkins book, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Blue Blood, Night World, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, House of Night, Gone (Series), Morganville Vampires, Chaos Walking

Favorite Tv Shows: Pokemon, Criminal Minds, Glee, Cold Case, Psych, Degrassi, Teen Mom

Favorite Movies: Pokemon movies, Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter, The Proposal, Clash of the Titans, Killers, Bride Wars, Inception, Thor

Favorite Couples:
Magnus and Alec (Mortal Instruments)
Will and Jem (Infernal Devices)
Percy and Nico (Percy Jackson)
Paul and Dawn (Pokemon)
May and Drew (Pokemon)
Gary and Ash (Pokemon)

Dawn's New Light and Adventure

Rated= T
Pairings= Ikarishipping| Slight Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Cavaliershipping, Shootdownshipping

This is my favorite story of mine. Dawn heads off to Kanto alone to compete in the contests held there and runs into Paul who is challenging the Battle Frontier. Will romance spark? Will all ties fall apart? Will Dawn be able to achieve her dream of winning the Grand Festival? What about Paul? Read and find out!

26 Shippings

Rated= T
Pairings= Lots of shippings
Chapters= 26

Join the Pokemon characters as they face issues that surround everybody! Drama, danger, suspense, love, randomness, seriousness, and trials, will they make it through, or will their love fall apart? A shipping for every letter! Enjoy!

After a fight with Dawn, Paul is surprised to meet a girl that does not back down to him. The only thing is that it is Dawn's best friend Zoey. Posted!

Delia recieves a mysterious letter from her long lost lover, Giovanni. After going to meet him he reveals what he has been up to and she is horrified. Will he be able to win her back? Posted!

May and Drew have been dating for two years, now at the age of nineteen Drew tries to get up the nerve to propose to her. But will he be able to? Posted!

May meets up with Sid and with Drew's unnecessary help, gets set up in a date. Will May actually like the date though? Posted!

Ash comes back home to a party with Dent and Iris, and Misty comes hoping to tell Ash her true feelings. But when she thinks he is with Iris, who does she go to? Posted!

Iris is happy traveling with Ash, maybe even falling in love with him until everything changes. When the unexpected happens, she falls for the snob. Posted!

Brock's birthday is coming up and he invites all of his friends. But what happens when they have a plan of their own? Posted!

Tracey has loved Daisy for as long as he can remember. But maybe he needs a little help from a friend to admit it.

Paul and Dawn have been dating secretly for a while now, but when they want to save the whales, they will have to let people know. Posted!

May and Brock have been going out for a while, but May has never told her parents who she is dating. When her best friend spills the beans and invites her over, what will they think? Posted!

Drew has told Soledad over and over that Harley is gay, but she doesn't believe him. What happens when she does out to prove him wrong?

Future Ideas

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Pairings= Thuke
Chapters= 10-15

Thalia is at her prime, the leader of the huntresses and has the friendship of others. But at the back of her mind remains Luke. What really happened to him? Will he be back as he said he would, as a different person in a different body? Then she meets a boy who is so much like Luke it kills her heart. But the oath of a Huntress is to never fall in love with a boy, but can she help herself?

3 Months Left

Length= About 15 chapters

Drew finds out he is dying of terminal cancer. May is crushed but Drew wants to complete his life goals before he dies. With the help of his wife, Drew sets out to complete it. First goal, bungee jumping, much to the dismay of May.


“Hello Joy,” replied Drew, taking his seat. He could practically hear his heart thumping in his chest, his stomach seeming to do flips.

“Drew as you know, we gave you an MRI last time you were here,” started Joy, sadness radiating from her. “Drew, it was not good news. Not good news at all. I don’t know how to tell you this.”

Drew swallowed hard, feeling his throat beginning to close up. Not good news? No!! No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening! Not now, not when I have so much of my life to live! I am barely twenty-five years old. “Please Joy, just tell me.”

“Drew,” Joy looked like she was trying really hard not to cry. “You have pancreatic cancer. It is in the advanced stages right now.”

A-B-C Songfics

Rated= Varies by chapters
Pairings= Contestshipping
Chapters= at least 26

The Ultimate Gift

Rated= T
Pairing= Ikarishipping
Length= 10-15 chapters

Dawn Berlitz is a single teeenage mother, living on the streets and scorned by her friends. Paul Shinji is cold and heartless, not knowing the true meaning of friendship, and is the leader of "The Street Rats" the most notorious gang in town. When they happen to stumble upon each other, Paul can't bring himself to do anything to the poor, abused starving girl and her child. Hiding her in his house, Dawn begins to break down his barriers but as she learns about his past, she has to decide, can she trust him and keep his secrets safe, or have him locked up like any normal person should.

Darkness Inside Me

Pairings= Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Oldrivalshipping, Ikarishipping
Chapters= 20-30

May is the new girl at one of the most exclusive boarding shcools in the USA, Meadowview Academy. While there she bonds with her roommate Misty and Misty's two other friends Leaf and Dawn. She meets the boy of her dreams and settles in at the new school with typical teenage drama. That is when a murder happens. As May begins to read up on the school's history she finds a dark secret about it. Freak accidents are happening and May becomes scared. What is going on?


"Hey don't stress about tomorrow May, nothing ever happens at this school. It has to be one of the safest, most boring schools in the entire world!" Something about Misty's words sent chills down my spines, but i couldn't figure out why.

Beauty and the Beast

Rated= T
Pairings= Ikarishipping
Length= About 11

Dawn Berlitz is the Beauty of the small town, many guys in love with her. Paul is the Beast, living alone on a hill, secretly wishing for his old life at the handsome prince. When she meets him, what will happen?

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