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My avatar was made by xMissMonsterface on deviantArt! Gracias chica!! I love it!!!

NEW STORY: You Know I Love You

I never wanted to, I loved you. But, there was just so much pressure. I'm sorry, you know I love you. - Tyler

fulltimereviewer: I just wanted to write something about Tyler. There's never anything about him, never going deep into his character. So this is my whack at it. So, I am going to post pictures from chapters on here so. R&R!

Chapter One:

The Stewarts

Kurt Stewart- http:///photo/2x3714312/man_holding_cigar_in_his_mouth_gogobea08234.jpg

Priscilla Stewart- http:///pictures/greenliving/uploads/2010/11/mature-woman-in-white.jpg

Connie Stewart- http:///wp-content/uploads/2009/08/designer-owlita-feather-earrings.jpg

Adriana( DJ's daughter) - http:///home/fiFiles/static/images/img_hispanic-baby.jpg.jpg'

Upcoming: Chapter Two...

Lindsay Cox(Name subject to change)- She is the girl WITHOUT sunglasses NOT DIRTY http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/01/DIRTY_phpBsOy4y.jpg

My favorite pairings:

DJ and Katie: They are so adorable. Here is a cute picture: http:///art/DJ-s-Bunny-136561108

DJ and Heather: They are the perfect yin-yang; the devil and the angel. A hilarious picture here: http:///art/DJxHeather-TDI-Secret-s-Out-130066586

Duncan and Courtney: The classic good-girl, bad-boy pairing. A fabulous picture: http:///art/TDI-Paintball-Frenzy-coloured-85613325

Geoff and Bridgette: The blond and the blonde, love them! Here is a sweet picture: http:///art/TDI-Bridgette-Geoff-Kiss-93797553

and some of the lesser known and crack pairings:

Gwen and Tyler: I read a story by Winter-Rae with them, and fell in love!!

Trent and Lindsay: Really cute, and there was tons of evidence of it in the show. Maybe they'll become a pairing in TDWT?? Here is the cutest picture:http:///art/Trent-x-Lindsay-127404432

I like almost anything that isn't too weird! :D


Favorites: DJ, Lindsay, NOAH!!!!, Cody, Sierra, Courtney, Heather, and Gwen at the beginning. (:

Best Male Singer: Cody. xD I never really liked Cody before TDWT. But now, he's one of my faves!!

Best Female Singer: Bridgette. :3 and Courtney. :3

Favorite Verse so far...: "These crocs are gettin' killy"- Lindsay (her singing voice is beyond cute!! :3 :3 :3)

SO, here are some of my stories(S)/story ideas(SI) I've been battling with lately (Please don't steal my story ideas!):

S-Completed) A Father's Love- My favorite story , I think that it really shows my maturing as a writer, and DJxKatie is really cute. Oh yeah here's a fun fact about "A Father's Love", Did you know, that this story started off as a "Full House" type thing with DJ as Danny, Geoff as Joey, and Duncan as Jesse?? Isn't that really weird, and it's a great story idea, so if anyone does a story like that, please give me some credit, thank you!! Oh yeah, If you have any REALISTIC story ideas please PM them to me, and when I say "REALISTIC" I mean no kidnapping by an evil-doer, or anything else weird okay ;D !

S) Martial, or umm... Maternal Duties- A sequel to "A Father's Love". Now that DJ and Katie are married, how will Katie cope with being a wife? Or even being a mother? This story may add Chef Hatchet as a character! :3 I love Cheffie!!

S) A 70s themed TDI story- It will kinda-sorta be like "That 70s Show" with Trent as Eric, Gwen as Donna, Duncan as Hyde, Geoff as Kelso, Courtney as Jackie, and Cody as Fez. And I know what you're thinking, what?? That breaks canon and you hardly ever break canon. Well here it goes, they will not be playing those exact characters but the will hold lots of similarites and.. Bridgette,DJ, and Heather will also play a huge part in this, and a few more things, it will take place during summer, it will take place on Venice Beach, and YES!! They will have a circle!! Ahh, the infamous "Circle".

S) Down in Flames- I sung “Across the Universe”, I never thought that that the lyrics that left my lips could be so false. “Nothing’s gonna’ change my world.” The biggest lie I’ve ever told. (A snip from my upcoming chapter.)

SI) A series of Geoff and Bridgette one-shots- They will be based on the songs, "All I Wanna Do" by Sugarland, "Jump then Fall" by Taylor Swift, "Our Song" by Taylor Swift, "I'm Yours" by Jason Maraz, " Island in the Sun" by Weezer, and maybe "This Kiss" by Faith Hill. I think all of these songs capture this couple!!

SI) Aquamarine TDI style- It will have Bridgette as Aquamarine, Sadie as Hailey, Katie as Claire, Geoff as Ray, and Heather as Cecila. I think this one will be REALLY cute!!

PS: If you guys want to use any of these stories ask my permission! :D

When I saw this video, this little girl reminded me sooo much of my character Leah from "A Father's Love" :

xMissMonsterface has created this piece for "A Father's Love" and I wuvs it! Soo lovely!! http:///favourites/#/d2rcty0

Cy-San created this piece also, it is sooo adorable! I wuvs it too! So cute!! http:///gallery/#/d2sj426

Check out my story: Love Beads, Lava Lamps, and Summertime!! It needs some love!!

:) aloha (:

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