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Hola amigos, and welcome to the profile of kitsune818 (that would be me)!

Here's some info about myself that I am willing to tell you:

Name: My real name shall remain a secret until I wish to tell you. Until then, you may refer to me as Kitsune, or Kit.

Age: 19

Gender: I'm a dude

Sexuality: Straight (and ladies, I'm also single!)

Sex: No thanks XD

Personality: I'm just your average guy. My favorite subjects in school are math (I've been in advanced math classes since junior high; Yeah, I'm that good!), Spanish, and band(been one since 6th grade!). Instruments I've been known to play rather well are the clarinet and the keyboard. I'm also a bit of a goof, and darn proud of it, I might add!

Likes: Listening to my iPhone, reading FanFiction (which is why I have this account in the first place), watching TV, anime, the Total Drama series (My favorite season rankings are as follows: TDI, TDWT, TDA), math class (my favorite subject), Spanish (my second favorite subject)

Dislikes: Bullying, people walking into my room without knocking (my pet peeve!), history class (I suck at it; I got a C for American History last semester, ironic, seeing as how I'm American)

Favorite Shows: Total Drama series, The Big Bang Theory, Death Note, Bleach, Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist (both series), Kekkaishi (I like anime)

Favorite Moves: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (AWESOME!), the Spider-Man movies, the live-action Transformers movies (great fight scenes, plus kickin' music), Avatar (again, AWESOME!), plus almost all comedy movies

And that's everything you need to know about me. As for anything about me that's not listed here, you're on your own! XD

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